IJG Warns Liberia on Delays in Prosecuting Economic and War Crimes

IJG’s top policy executive Adriana María Ramírez López

WASHINGTON, DC ––In the past two days and prior to that, Liberia has been stained by lots of serious economic crimes––from money laundering, organized corruption to illicit contracts and the abuse of power to possess state assets such as the International Trust Company (ITC) which has now been renamed as the International Bank. Some of these deadly criminal acts allegedly date back several years, particularly in the last two decades. However, these crimes became excessive in the past 21 years, beginning in 1997 to 2018.

Liberian top government officials engaged in Money Laundering and organized corruption and economic crimes. International community demand answers.

Meanwhile, the IJG fullest attention is drawn to the recent extreme and undue level of theft of public funds and the misuse of public trust exhibited in the country with the printing and personal possession of more than LD$16 billion Liberian dollars which cannot be traced or accounted for so far. Accordingly, the printed funds disappeared despite documents showing that the previous and current Liberian administrations were fully aware of the funds’ arrival in the country.

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