Trouble Creeps In Boakai’s Administration, As Opposition CDC Vows To Resist Prevention Of Motorcyclists Plying City Center

Recent Memorandum of Understanding on road and public safety signed between the Liberia National Police and Motorcycle and Tricycle Union may not hold as the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change has resolved to resist such MOU seems to smells trouble between the former ruling party and the current UP-led Government.

Addressing hundreds of supporters of the party at the headquarters today, April 29, 2024, the National Chairman of the CDC, Janga Kowo said his party will resist any attempt by the police to remove motorcyclists from the streets of Monrovia, noting, motorcyclists are integral part of the local economy as such, their removal is aim at taking bread from the mouths of the cyclists, Kowo told journalists.

On Tuesday, April 23, 2024, Deputy Police for Operation, Nelson Freeman signed the MOU on behalf of the police, while Mr. John Kenyor, the president of the Motorcycle and Tricycle Union, signed for his organization.

Freeman, speaking at the police headquarters during the signing ceremony, stated that the MOU was agreed upon on April 2, 2024, but it will take effect on May 15, 2024.

He mentioned that over the last month, the police have conducted a safety campaign to ensure safety measures for Liberian society.

“Today, we address the issue of Motorcyclists, next, we will engage with the truck drivers’ union and other stakeholders affected by the police safety measures. We aim to create conditions wherein drivers plying the streets will observe all safety rules,” he stated.

He further explained that, according to the MOU, both the police and the Union have agreed to designate the roads from Freeport to Central Monrovia and all parts of town as restricted areas for the movement of motorcycles.

The Deputy Inspector General for Operations elaborated that the route from ELWA junction through Tubman Boulevard and the rest of Monrovia will also be designated as a restricted area for motorcycles.

He added that, similarly, Kehkeh riders will be allowed to ride from Freeport through Clara Town and Via Town areas. However, Kehkeh riders will not be permitted to use the new bridge but must use the old bridge leading to Waterside and other areas.

The Deputy Police boss asserted that Kehkeh en route from Airfield and New Matadi will use the Jallah Town Road to Benson Street corridors to enter town. Kehkeh riders will be allowed to use the Japan Freeway and also the ELWA to RIA route, he stated.

Mr. John Kenyor, president of the union, pledged his group’s support for the MOU, and further stressed the importance of respecting the agreement between both parties, as there will be punishments for violators.

But in reaction to this MOU, the CDC said it will not allow such to be achieved, noting that such will not hold, a situation that seems to smell trouble and create fear in many Liberians, mainly commuters.

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  1. Rocheforte Quitoh says

    I must advice that CDCian should do away from anything that will attempt to destroy piece in Liberia. But if what is right or good for our country is being temper with, than law should take its course.

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