Boakai Vows To Dismiss Corrupt Officials – Provides Perspectives on Governance Issues

In his recent interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Liberian leader, President Joseph Nyuma Boakai shed light on various governance issues including corruption, food security, impunity, drug abuse, and the future of Liberia’s youth.

He emphasized the need for a change in the perception of government as a place for self-elevation and personal enrichment, rather than a place of service and accountability. He vowed that he would dismiss any official of government caught in acts of abuse of public resources, as he views corruption as the root cause of Liberia’s problems.

President Boakai said he believes that Liberia is not a poor country but on the contrary, the country is well endowed, and that people must understand their responsibility to the state and people to change the narrative about Liberia being a poor and corrupt country.

The President intimated that he is selective when it comes to appointing people in government, as he is determined to fight corruption to the core. He pointed to his long years of public service without any stain of corruption to serve as a reminder for people coming to Government.

Regarding agriculture, President Boakai re-echoed his conviction that Liberia has the potential to feed the world if its endowments are managed well.

He said that Liberia’s soil and land are fertile to produce rice, the country’s staple, and his comments do not amount to a quick-fix solution to food insecurity but rather an accentuation that the country has the resources to do a lot more if corruption is curbed.

On the issue of war crimes court, President Boakai stated that he believes that those who bear the greatest responsibility for crimes must account for their actions and admit their wrongs as a way of ending impunity and promoting reconciliation.

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