New Thinking--with Joe Bartuah -

The Global Magnitsky Law Must Not Be a Toothless Bulldog

October 18, 2022 0

New Thinking—with Joe Bartuah The screaming newspaper headline was incredibly outrageous: “3 Counties to Petition McGill for Senate—Say They Will Repay Him for His Good Deeds.” Substantively, the newspaper reported that President George Manneh Weah’s […]

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New Thinking--with Joe Bartuah -

Liberia Must Not Remain a Historical Asterisk

January 5, 2022 0

In his famous book, “Liberia in World Politics”, written in 1934 (I last read it in 1986 and so, I’m only paraphrasing, not quoting), the late Nigerian sage and statesman, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe–who later became […]