As Ellen Prepares To Exit The Presidency, Unity Party Membership Discarded; Move Lauded By US Based Partisan

The nightmare of Africa’s first female President, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia seems to be propping up ahead of her departure from the presidency on January 22, 2017 after being slapped in the face with expulsion from her own ruling Party, the Unity Party (UP) last Saturday, January 13, 2018.

A press release signed by the Assistant Secretary General for Public Outreach, Mohammed Ali of the Unity Party noted that the vote for her expulsion was taken as a result of several violations of the party’s constitution and other “acts inimical to the existence and reputation of the party”.

The release stated the Article VII which spells out the obligation, rights, and entitlements of members of the Unity Party was violated by the President.

“Section 1(e) states the role of partisans in elections: (e) To support the Unity Party’s candidate through campaigning for the election of the Unity Party candidate and to provide any other support within his/her capacities for the any candidate of the Unity Party at any election; and (f)To demean and conduct himself/herself in a manner that would bring credit to the Unity Party at any election;” the release quoted the party’s constitution.

Commany B. Wesseh, Senator of River Gee County; Madam Medina Wesseh, former Executive Committee member; and Patrick T. Worzie, Deputy Secretary have also been expelled from the party.

According to release, in the case of the Deputy National Secretary, Patrick Worzie, he in addition to constitutional violation, took a total of US$11,000 worth of stationery from the Lion Stationery Store in the name of the party without the prior knowledge of the National Chairman and the Treasurer of the party. This information is, however, not independently confirmed by this paper.

Throughout the 2017 election process, several calls were made by partisans to expel the Standard Bearer Emeritus, Mr. and Mrs. Wesseh for campaigning against the party’s Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates in gross violation of the party’s constitution, the release stated.

“The decision to expel took the NEC of the party a long time because it has to be established that those expelled had actually violated the constitution of the party. The behavior of the expelled persons also constitutes sabotage and undermined the existence of the party,” the release noted.

In a related development regarding the expulsion of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf from the outgoing ruling Unity Party, a stalwart of the Unity Party USA based official, Mr. Vah Isaac Tukpah in his communication in support of President Sirleaf said: If true, it sets a precedent.  Greedy, vicious, selfish, conniving, betraying, and Machiavellian Political Leaders and politicians will be on notice that regardless of what you achieve, you are obligated to your political party and there is no reason for you to intentionally destroy your party.

I support the Unity Party’s move if it is true.  If what has been rumored is true that she supported the CDC to achieve power, I will fight her every attempt to influence any CDC decision or political move. I am convinced the CDC could have won the elections without her poisoned influence.  All she did was to have our well-deserved victory tainted with an asterisk.

Fighting Sirleaf’s influence starts with any attempt to influence re-appointment of her incompetent, corrupt, and/or recycled appointees.  Those who are tenured are entitled to stay on by law, except if there is a reason within the law to have them removed.  Next battle will be her gambit for the Senatorial seat of Montserrado County.

We cannot condone or support such low down behavior in our political dispensation as we nurture our democracy.  I truly believe that the CDC could have won without her staining our REVOLUTIONARY DEMOCRATIC VICTORY.  She is simply a megalomaniac who is over consumed with her own importance.  She has screwed up the Liberian economy and left it on the brink of implosion, but yet she still wants to influence the future of Liberia.  I think there must be some derangement in the making.

I hope the Unity Party can stand up and help our democracy mature by being a viable opposition and holding our (CDC’s) feet to the fire to ensure that we can perform in the best interest of the Liberian people. Mr. Tukpah in his communication concluded.

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