Spoon Network’s former CEO Witherspoon, Eugene Fahngon negotiate Sekou Sheriff’s release 

Sekou Sheriff is airborne, after hours of detention at the Roberts International Airport in Margibi county.

All thanks to the intervention of Spoon Network’s former CEO and lead host of Spoon Talk, Mr. Stanton Alexander Witherspoon, Sr. and fellow panelist and former Deputy Information Minister, Eugene Fahngon.

Sekou Sheriff early Saturday morning had checked in at the Roberts International Airport to board his flight to Ghana. He was then detained and his passport seized on grounds that he wasn’t allowed to leave the country, due to his ongoing legal dispute with current Minister of Commerce, Mawine Diggs.

Sheriff reached out to Mr. Witherspoon and Fahngon for their intervention in his unlawful detention. Over three hours of intensive negotiations begun with calls placed to higher ups in the government to know the legality of Sekou’s detention, and why was he barred from leaving the country.

It was clearly established that Sekou Sheriff had no travel restrictions on him and there was no legal grounds to stop him from leaving the country.

One of such calls was made to the Commissioner General of the Liberia Immigration service, Col. Robert Buddy.

Col. Buddy initially stated that, there was an active Ne Exeat Republica issued against Sekou Sheriff, but after being quizzed on its availability and why it wasn’t served on the defendant, he asked to call back in 20 minutes.

The Immigration Chief then called back and admitted that, it was rather a writ of arrest for which a bond had been filed, rather than a Ne Exeat Republica order that was used to bar Sekou Sheriff at the airport . Hence, the actions of the Immigration officers at RIA, was unlawful.

Col. Buddy then ordered Sheriff’s release from detention and his passport released.

A grateful Sekou Sheriff thanked Mr. Witherspoon and Fahngon for their intervention and promised to honor his legal obligations.

The former CEO of the Spoon Network said he was happy to help any Liberian in distress, provided their rights are being violated or abused. He reinforced that the Spoon Network’s advocacy is for all Liberians, irrespective of political affiliation.

Source: Spoon TV

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