LIBERIA: 8th Judicial Circuit Court In Nimba Orders Demolition Exercise 

From Musa Moore Sherman ~ GNN Correspondent, Nimba County*

Scene from the Ganta demolition exercise

The 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Nimba County has issued demolition order which was implemented on Monday in a case ruled in favour of a resident of Ganta, Fred Suah, against the Donzos, Sando, Koroma and Jabateh families in a land dispute that has lasted for over 11-12 years.

The Monday demolition exercise was guided by about 25 armed ERU officers from the regional hub in Bong County and a sheriff of the circuit court.

In the expression of occupant of the property which was demolished, they expressed regret in the form and manner in which the court order was implemented.

According to the Donzos and Jabatehs, the order came as early as 4:30 Am at which time they were about to have their early morning fast foods to begin their fast. They also noted that there were no notice to enable them vacate the place if they should leave.

Following that on Tuesday morning hundreds of residents blocked roads leading to the ‘Dumba Field’ where the demonation exercise took place as a result of a Warehouse being burn down allegedly by some members of the Mandingo community specifically the Dunzoes and the Jabatehs.

Police boss, Col. Patrick Sudue and his team in Ganta trying to restore calm in Ganta

The burning of the warehouse came a day after the 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Nimba County ruled in favor of a resident of Ganta, Fred Suah, against the Donzos, Jabateh, Kroma, and Sando families in a land dispute case that have lasted for over a decades.

The burning down of the warehouse early that Tuesday morning brought to a standstill the operation of school, and business center closed

Following all these Development the police inspector general Patrick Sudou paid a visit to the county in order to calm the situation that was almost out of hands.

In his first approach the IG held a Dialogue meeting with the Mandingo community in the absence of Mr. Fred Suah and the present of stakeholders including the superintendent and other civil society activists and amongst other. IG Sudue presence In the County since Tuesday morning brought peace and hominy amongst the people.

There were 10 houses that were owned by the Donzos, Sandos, Koroma and Jabateh families on the two locks of the disputed land situated on the Saclepia road.

Meanwhile some residents of the city pointed accusing fingers at Jabateh family for being the masterminds for the destruction of the mosque, but the head of the family rejected the allegations, describing it as a diabolical lie.

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