Western Cluster’s Female Heavy Duty Drivers Encourage Women -Says They, Too Can Become Like them

Heavy-duty driving is one of the areas that most Liberian women have not ventured into.

It has been considered a “ Men’s work” by many other women and girls.

However, two females working with Western Cluster Liberia have proved them wrong by becoming two women who are moving heavy-duty trucks.

Success Y. Dennis and Hajah are the two females who are seen driving the trucks that transport Western Cluster’s Iron Ore from Bomi County to the port of Monrovia.

Explaining how she became a driver, Success said she went to vocational school with the dream of becoming a heavy-duty driver.

At first, it was not easy for the female driver but she kept the faith and pushed on with a strong longing of being a good driver.

Now, Success has given the meaning to her name by succeeding on getting onboard Western Cluster Mining Company as one of the drivers who transports Iron Ore.

According to her, becoming a heavy duty driver was not something that came to her easily, but said she put in time and commitment.

She has driven heavy trucks of different types and kinds.

She dispelled the thoughts of many who believe that when a woman becomes heavy-duty driver, they man not have kids

Another lady only identified as Hajah said she is proud of herself being one of the few in that field.

According to her, they want more females to join the field of driving heavy-duty equipment.

They two female truck drivers are not acting selfish, but are seeking all means to have other females to join them on the driving field to dispel the thinking that women can not the, “men’s work”.

Hajah did not just become a driver, but served as a “car girl” on many other round-town and out-of-town vehicles.

“ If we can do it, you can also do the same” the female driver encouraged Liberian women.

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