We Support USAID Liberia Director’s Statement Calling For The “Prosecution Of  Corrupt Officials”

RECENTLY THE LIBERIA Mission Director of the United States   Agency International Development (USAID), Jim Wright called on the head of the Liberian Government, President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, to publicly implement the policies on corruption and prosecute those responsible for such in the country.

SPEAKING DURING  THE opening of the  four  day  joint  sectorial  portfolio performance  review  (JSPPR) Ddialogue  at the  Balla Casa  Hotel  in Monrovia, the country’s long time development partner noted  that  corruption prevents  the  government and people of Liberia  from  realizing   their goals  toward  social  and economic  development  as well  as job   creation.

HE FURTHER DISCLOSED that his entity, the USAID   has spent millions of dollars  that   touched  virtually  every  aspect of the Liberian society  including health, education, agriculture, electricity, water and  sanitation, civil  society, private  sector growth  and governance.

DIRECTOR WRIGHT NOTED that USAID is interested in hearing how the government is thinking about its development plans and priorities, and increasing accountability and transparency in the management of public plans.

THIS CALL BY the USAID boss must be considered by the ruling establishment in the prosecution of individuals who believe that endless corruption in their places of work, while others are suffering, must be brought to book through prosecution for their misdeeds at the detriment of the majority.

WE APPLAUD THE statement by the USAID Liberia Mission Director, and further add to his call by encouraging the Liberian Government to prosecute corrupt officials, as this will serve as a deterrence to those who think they are untouchable during their unpatriotic sojourn.

ONCE AGAIN, WE call on President Joseph Nyuma Boakai not to take this statement by the USAID boss for granted; corrupt officials must be prosecuted.

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