Police Declares Mark Jabateh Wanted For Threatening To ‘Kill Chief Justice’

Mr. Mark Jabateh

Authority of the Liberia National Police has declared Mark Jabateh wanted in connection to his recent statement made on a local radio that he will kill the Chief Justice of Liberia, Franci Korkpor if a life of a single Mandingo man is taken away as a result of the ongoing land dispute in Ganta, Nimba County.

Mr. Jabateh is alleged to have said, the Liberian Chief Justice is the mastermind of the ongoing crisis in the County, and further believes the Mandingo ethnic has been undermined due to the involvement of the Liberian Chief Justice.

But speaking to local media, the Inspector of the Liberia National Police, Col. Patrick Sudue urged Mr. Jabateh to turn himself over to the police, adding, “If Mark is listening to me, he is urged to turn himself over to the police for questioning on threat he made on the life of the Chief Justice publicly,” the police Chief declared.

Mr. Jabateh’s invitation is aimed at understanding the intent of his statement and how such statement could endanger the life of the Chief Justice of Liberia.

It can be recalled that while addressing the press on behalf of sime aggrieved citizens of Ganta, Nimba County who got affected from the court’s eviction ruling,  Mr. Jabateh was heard indicating that if anything should happen to any member of the Mandingo ethnic group, he will personally take away the life of Chief Justice Korkpor.

The public can be assured that the fundamental rights of Mr. Jabateh to legal representation throughout the investigation and other Miranda rights will be duly observed while he faces questioning from LNP investigators.

In another development, calm has returned to Ganta City, Nimba County after days of violence which resulted to the burning down of a warehouse situated near the Saclepea vehicle parking by some aggrieved citizens.

LNP’s Inspector General, Hon. Patrick Sudue is currently in Ganta City speaking with local authorities and some aggrieved citizens to see reason to desist from engaging in violence.

The LNP further assures the public that all those responsible for the violent demonstration and the burning of the warehouse in Ganta City will be arrested and made to face the full weight of the law. The public will be duly updated as development unfolds.

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