Ukrainian general proposes to seize part of Russia in the event of its collapse

The former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General Ihor Romanenko, in response to a reader’s question on the Glavred news website, stated that Russia could lose some of its territories, and Kyiv “should seize” this opportunity.

Romanenko was asked if, in his opinion, Russia could lose some of its territories, in particular, Siberia.

“This is a real and very serious threat. Russia not only could lose Siberia, but it can also collapse altogether, “ answered Romanenko. According to him, for this to happen, there must be certain conditions. Romanenko noted that sooner or later “all empires collapse,” and this fate is also waiting for Russia. The general stressed that Kyiv “will need to use this moment like Russia did in 2014 in relation to Ukraine.”

In June 2018, Romanenko called on Ukraine to begin the production of missiles capable of reaching “Moscow and St. Petersburg.” According to him, Ukrainian missiles Harpoon and Thunder-2 could withstand Russian weapons, but their range is not able to cover the European part of Russia. Romanenko stressed that for this reason, Kyiv needs to start improving its missiles.


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