President George Manneh Gbehkugbeh Weah One Year In Office: What’s The News?

By Joel Cholo Brooks |

Flash back Addressing partisans during the 2017 campaign

Today, January 22, 2019 marked exactly one year of Liberia’s football icon George Manneh Gbehkugbeh Weah presidency, on this day, the world watched and listened to the inaugural address as Liberia’s 25th President; the Former football star defeated Vice-President Joseph Boakai  with 61.5% while his opponent Joseph Boakai capturing  38.5 %.

His presidency drew huge attention worldwide, while his diehard supporters and partisans of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) now Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) bragging of the political victory of their party for given birth to the Country’s next President, describing him as ‘Country Giant’.

President Weah delivering his inaugural speech

President Weah’s One Year Success Story

His slogan:   road, road and road is gaining huge acceptance from the public with many of his partisans bragging of his stance in seen the livelihood of his people improving, especially the slum community’s dwellers with the rapid connectivity of roads network.

President George Manneh Weah’s nationalistic commitment making sure that his legacy lives on, this youthful Liberian leader in the short period of time; one year, has done a lot making the road connectivity to many communities in Monrovia and its suburb a priority, a situation that has brightened the livelihood of many of the downtrodden residents in those benefiting communities.

His quest to see the nation’s highest educational of learning benefits from the growing population of universities and colleges enrollments, the President made it his duty as head of the country to announce what is considered as ‘Tuition Free’ at the state run university, the University of Liberia.

The rapid completion of the new Roberts International Airport (RIA)terminal and its VIP  which he recently toured including the Ministerial Complex, 14 Military Hospital has given more impetus to many of the Liberian people opting that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

His recent tour at the Executive Mansion to inspect ongoing works taking place at this official home of Liberia’s Presidency which was never done by the former Liberian leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during her two terms at the presidency has indeed proven that President Weah is ready to do the Liberian people’s work at the Executive Mansion.

With all of these achievements, even though with some political huddles including the alleged missing billions, and the alleged misapplication of US$25 million which is publicly creating misfiling amongst the detractors, it is prudent to give the man his flowers while he is still alive, it is in this backdrop that we pen this article: President George Manneh Gbehkugbeh Weah One Year In Office: What’s The News?

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