Liberian Gov’t To Operate Its Own Mining Company – A Proposal By  Group of Liberian Engineers

Press Release/Ministry of Mines And Energy | 

Liberian Government under the leadership of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, will shortly be petitioned to establish a mining company exclusively owned and operated by the government, which will promote greater employment opportunities for trained Liberian geologists and mining engineers.

With the proposed name of ‘National Mining Company of Liberia’, which acronym will be determined when the presentation of the recommendation is being made, is meant basically to create the much more desired job availability environment for Liberian Engineers and Earth Scientists to mainstream in their sector. This proposal, according to the newly inducted Executive Chairman of the Liberia Society for Earth Scientists and Engineers (LISESE), Sumo Momolu, this is a flagship project his team of administrators will push with relevant Government of Liberia authorities to make sire the Country [Liberia] owns and operates its own mining company.

This, when achieved by an Act of Legislature, according to LISESE’s Boss, Momolu,, Will provide larger revenue corridors for the government, which trigger down effect will as well have direct economic benefits to the citizens as opposed to all of the millions of dollars the Country’s mineral sector generates, going to foreign companies. LISESE, the society of earth scientists and engineers believes, that with the current trend, Liberian geologists, mining engineers, petrologists, electrical engineers, among others, are given less attention and priorities in job placement by mineral concessions and other categories of mining in Liberia.

The earth science and engineers society has also unveiled plans, through its new Executive Chairman, Sumo Momolu, that emulating the good example of the Bar Association which regulates law practices here, it [LISESE] will ensure that all engineers are placed under one umbrella, and more strikingly, through a stringent licensing regime, every engineer will sit a professional aptitude exam to determine eligibility status. Momolu emphasized that this vigorous exercise will be carried out annually, and that those who perform highly, and under-performers will be categorized for further action. Particular mentions was made for support from Ministry of Mines and Energy, the sector lead,, to collaborate with the earth science and engineers society to place a premium on the expertise of Liberian scientists who made remarks at the induction ceremony held on National Unification Day in Monrovia. William Hines, the Deputy Minister for Operations at the Mines and Energy Ministry, represented by Cooper Pency of the Cadastre unit of the Ministry (Mines and Energy), assured cordial relations between the government and the Engineers.

Special remarks of cooperation were as well made by Senior Engineer, E.C.B Jones who graced the occasion, including Assistant Minister for Mines, Carlos Tingban Edison, Assistant Minister for Mineral Exploration and Environmental Research, Oliver Gbegbe, among others in the earth sciences. Other leaders of the LISESE inducted on May 14, 2024, are Alphonso K. Hina, and Adolphus M.G.D Gleekai, who will serve two years term. Hina is the Co-Chairman, while Gleekai, Deputy Inspector-General of the Ministry of Mines and Energy is the Secretary General of LISESE.

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