Angry Protesters Storm Orange GMS Offices In Monrovia

Dozens of Liberians who claimed to be subscribers of the Orange GSM Company today staged a massive protest in front of the head office of the mobile company regarding recent report of the hacking of LoneStar Cell/MTN Network, calling the attention of the Company to be aware that, Hacking is a crime, noting that such deprives government of needy taxes.

Recently the Lonestar Cell MTN, a Liberian internet service provider has filed a lawsuit against its rival company, Cellcom and two of its executives in a British commercial court over the last week for hiring a hacker to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against its infrastructure.

Lawsuit comes after British authorities sentenced the hacker to two years and eight months in prison for the same attacks. The defendants are Daniel Kaye (the hacker), Cellcom (now Orange Liberia, the rival telecom), Avishai Marziano (former Cellcom CEO), and Ran Polani (another Cellcom executive).

The lawsuit comes after British authorities sentenced Kaye to two years and eight months in prison, on Friday last week, for using his custom-made DDoS botnet to attack Lonestar’s infrastructure throughout the fall of 2016, but also attacks on other targets.

According to a statement from the UK National Crime Agency following Kaye’s sentencing, Kaye “was hired by a senior official at Cellcom, Mr. Abraham Avi Zaindenburg who also served as Executive Chairman of Cellcom, a rival Liberian network provider, and paid a monthly retainer.”

Today’s protest, according to the organizers will also take place tomorrow at the headquarter of LISCR, also known as the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry  in Sinkor, the suburb of Monrovia as day two of the protest against Orange/Cellcom.

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