“Days of Blank or Open Check book has closed” US Embassy political officer caution Liberian government

By: Christopher Wiah |

(May 2, 2024)- The political officer to the embassy of the United States of America in Liberia, Juan D. Martinez said the responsibility of Liberia and its people lies on the shoulder of its government and not international partners.

According to Martinez, the days of blank or open check book has come to a closed at such it is binding on the government regardless of any political party take on the matter of responsibility for its citizens.

According to him, it’s now time that the government of Liberia take off the matter of responsibility to empower and support the integrity institution of Liberia in moving the country forward.

He said relying on international donor community for support is not survivable and sustainable solution for the growth and development of the country.

He made this statement, Thursday May 2, 2024, in a separate remark during the launching of the findings and recommendations of the human rights situation report 2023, held with the press and international communities in Monrovia.

Juan Martinez disclosed that the Liberian government recent decision in endorsing the war and economic crimes court is a clear manifestation that Liberia is finally getting to a point where accountability and the culture of impunity is drawing to a close.

He has however admitted to the fact, that the Liberian government still has a long way to go based on the reports submitted by the international commission on human rights.

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