BCC Student leadership wins legal battle on illegal dissolution of the democratically elected leadership

Press Statement June 22, 2023.


 Fellow Colleagues of Bomi Community College (BCC), Bomi County Student’s community and Liberia at large.

I bring you sincere greetings with peace, love & respect. A month ago, I published a press release updating you on the ongoing saga between the legitimate Student’s Leadership at the Bomi Community College (BCC) and the President of the Bomi Community College(BCC), in person of Dr. Abimelech Paye.Gbatu.

 In that release, I informed you all about the injunction our Lawyer placed on the illegal attempt to inaugurate handpicked students to represent our interest at BCC.

We also went ahead and sued Dr. Gbatu on three (3) counts:

1) For illegally dissolving an Elected and Legitimate Students Council Government

2) For illegally attempting to inaugurate an interim government.

3) For violating our Educational rights by suspending four (4) elected officials of the Students Council Government for one semester.


1) Madam. Maima A. Thomas

    Criminal Justice Department

    President elect, BCC Students Council


2) Amos R Dorley

    Criminal Justice Department

    Speaker elect.

3) Sekou S. Malia

    Education Department

    Appointed Youth & Sport Minister.

4) Zeke A. Marley

    Criminal Justice Department

    Public Relations Officer (PRO),

     Criminal Justice Department.

Fellow Students, after the intervention of  the Civil Society Organization (CSO’s) of Bomi County, Our County Authorities, Our Chiefs, Elders, Traditional Leaders, the Leadership of the National Bomi County Association in the Americas ( NBCAA), Politicians, Citizens, and the Bomi Students Unions’, we decided and agreed with our Parents to withdraw the matter from the court on grounds that, if Dr. Gbatu is willing to reinstate the Students Council Government, give extra classes to the four (4) suspended Students and pay the Students Court expenses by a written commitment.

But unfortunate, Dr Gbatu refused and texted us by saying, only the Court can settled between he and the aggrieved Students.

Fellow Colleagues, like we stated in the past, we have no intention of undermining the smooth operations of the Bomi Community College(BCC) ; however, as stake-holders, we deserves a space, opportunities and respect to advocate and mutually work with the Administration to ensure that BCC remain peaceful and academically strong !

On today, The 11th Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court, Bomi County, Sitting in it’s May Term A.D. 2023.

Before His Honor: Cllr.T. Ciapha Carey… Resident Circuit Judge, give the Court’s Final Judgement/ Ruling.

Court rules as follows:

*Administration decision against the Students was not backed by the Student Handbook of BCC or by any law;

*Administration Suspending Students from attending classes, engaging in College Politics and functioning as elected Students Council Government of BCC was declared illegal, was not in line with the Student Handbook and in line with law;

*The Court on today, ordered the Administration to allow the four (4) Students to resume classes with immediate effect and ensure that the four (4) are provided special classes to cover up our time missed as consequence of the Administration was illegal actions.

* The act of the Administration to have appointed students and were making frantic efforts to conduct elections and induct  Hamed Sheriff as college student leaders without an organized free and fair election on Saturday, April 28,2023, was illegal, unlawful, unconditional and null avoid. The said BCC newly appointed students president Mr Hamed Sheriff, and all BCC new appointees acting directly under his authority and supervision,are hereby dissolved.

* All the suspended Students rights as infringed upon by the administration without legal reliance are  hereby ordered restored;

*Administration are hereby to pay the amount of Five Thousand United States Dollars (US$5,000.00) to the Students as expenses incurred on legal proceeding.

*And the Cost rule against the Administration.

Finally, in the coming days, we look forward to smoking an open peace pipe with Dr. Gbatu & his entire Administration.

Fellow Colleagues, thanks for trusting us even when we were classified as rude, arrogant, Suspended Student LEADERS and all the bad names. We still never let you down !!

Thanks to all the Media Institutions for giving us the opportunity to be held, thank you to the Bomi County Civil Society Council for your mediation role, thanks to the Bomi Students Union’s, the Elders, Chiefs, Politicians, Traditional Leaders, Christian Community, Muslim community and  NBCAA/ BOMI-USA for speaking on behalf of the Students community.

 Criticism can never achieve what Self Motivations can do.

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