Alvin Smith, Gregory Coleman, and Hassan Bility

Some Int’l Groups Stand Accused Of Instigating War Crimes Prosecution

As Liberians anxiously await the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia to legally bring to books those who are guilty of atrocities during Liberia’s fifteen years of bloody civil war, and those who have violently plundered the country’s wealth for their personal gains, sources closed to some local and international media have hinted that the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Col. Gregory Coleman has received a communication from Alvin Smith, a war crimes investigator based in the United States accusing several international organizations that are said to be advocating for war crimes prosecution in Liberia.

Alvin Smith, representing the International Justice Group of Washington D.C., shed light on the collaboration between the Center for Justice and Accountability of California, USA, and Civitas Maxima of Geneva, Switzerland, with Hassan Bility, the Executive Director of the Global Justice & Research Project of Liberia.

According to Smith, these organizations stand accused of orchestrating a scheme for personal gain and financial benefits by operating “war crimes prosecution theatres” outside of Liberia.

The letter alleges that these organizations, under the guise of war crimes advocacy, are acting as mercenaries of fortune, engaging in a criminal conspiracy to maliciously prosecute individuals. Smith further asserts that witnesses coached by Bility and Alain Werner, the Executive Director of Civitas Maxima, have provided false statements and testimony to further their fraudulent activities.

The alleged criminal misconduct and conspiracy are said to have taken place within the territory of the Republic of Liberia. Smith argues that these organizations have intentionally deceived and compromised the criminal justice system in Europe and the United States.

The International Justice Group of Washington D.C., along with Alvin Smith, calls upon the Liberia National Police to conduct a thorough criminal investigation into these allegations. In the letter written on April 25, 2024, Mr. Smith urged the authorities to take swift action to uphold the integrity of the criminal justice system and ensure that justice is served.

The Liberia National Police has yet to respond to these allegations. The international community awaits their response and the subsequent actions taken to address this serious matter.

Meanwhile, Mr. Alvin Smith has accused Ambassador Beth Van Schaak of having conflicts of interest in the Liberian War Crimes Court proceedings. Smith alleges that Ambassador Van Schaak’s association with Civitas Maxima, Global Justice Research Project, and Center for Justice & Accountability has led to the recruitment, coaching, and payment of witnesses who provide false statements to war crimes investigators and during court trials.

During an interview with the media, Smith called for a US Congressional hearing to address the conduct of these NGOs. He also urged the European Union Court System, the United States Department of Treasury, the United States Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Department of Justice to disassociate themselves from these organizations.

Smith claims that numerous Liberians residing in the United States and Europe are working for these institutions and actively seeking individuals to falsely accuse. He alleges that these individuals are paid to carry out this malicious agenda. Smith outlined the steps involved in this process, including obtaining the target’s phone number, home or work address, and social media photos for identification purposes. False affidavits are then created by the recruited and paid witnesses to secure asylum under false pretenses.

Mr. Smith emphasized the importance of ensuring a free and fair process for the Liberian war and economic crimes court. Mr. Hassan Bility and all the organizations accused have consistently denied the allegations. These accusations have raised concerns about the integrity of the court proceedings and the potential for wrongful convictions.

As this story unfolds, it remains to be seen how Ambassador Beth Van Schaak will respond to these serious allegations. The public eagerly awaits further investigation and action to ensure justice and transparency in the Liberian War Crimes Court.

Credit: Smart News

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