Mass Rush for Quality Education at Grand Kru Technical College

While education is the foundation of economic growth and human development, the Grand Kru Technical College in Barclayville City, Grand Kru County has introduced six major academic disciplines to prepare Liberian youths for the future job market.

According to the Acting President of the College, Prof. Dr. Amb. Josephus M Gray, the new academic programs will help students’ development special skills and advance knowledge to enrich the population for future challenges and make them competitively equipped for the job market.

The college curricula are developed to widen students critical thinking and problem-solving skills, increase literacy levels and economic growth the country.

As a result of the level of qualified and experienced faculty coupled with the high-quality Associate degree programs being offered, the college continues to experience rush for students enrollment on the daily basis.

Meanwhile, the Administrative has conveyed  biggest thanks to everyone in the Grand Kru Technical College, with heartfelt gratitude to the team at the Admission Office under the supervision of Mr. Darlington Doe for tremendous team spirit to register and admitted over 100 first batch of students in a week time.

Off the number, 76 persons are males and 21 females at the Grand Kru Technical College in Barclayville City. The college’s projects about 160 students will be enrolling during this Special Academic semester which commence 1st May 2024.

While at the same time, the  GKTC will hold Orientation for students and faculty on Monday, 29 April 2024 at the Barclayville Central High School Auditorium, we want to request all to please attend and share human stories that motivate students to treat their education seriously.

The acting President said that he has no doubt that the VPAA will used the occasion to project the image of the College while the various chairpersons and faculty from each department will market their respective program.

Let the orientation be used to reawaken the tremendous spirit of academic in Grand Kru County, particularly the Technical College.

According to  report signed by the VPAA, 86 students sit the first and 2nd entrance exams while 76 sit the 3rd entrance exams. Additional 30 students from the TVET Program are being transitioned to the college to pursue Associate Degree.

The Technical College offers Associate degree in Six Major Disciplines including Agriculture,  Engineering and Technology, Business, Natural Sciences, Education, Mass Communication and Health Sciences.

During the Special Semester which runs from May 1-July 20, 2024, only General Courses will be offered.

These General courses are: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Science, Mathematics, English and Literature, French, P.E. Grebo and Kru, Computer Science and introductory Agriculture, Education and Computer Science courses.  They will be taught from 8am-4pm Mondays-Saturdays.

15 faculty members, Bachelor’s degree holders from Tubman’s University, University of Liberia and  AMEU are recruited through a thorough evaluation and vetting exercise, are recruited to teach, with 7 recruited from  Harper, 1 from Grand Cess and 7 recruited from  Barclayville. Some of the faculty members graduated from Tubman’s University with as Valedictorians, Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude, respectively.

The desire of the GKTC admission team to make a big difference in higher education to give students the chance to earn quality and higher education is deeply moving and appreciated.

Also, we thanks Academic Affairs to recruit these students; the academic team under the supervision of the VPAA, Rev. Tehneseo P. Brohdonyen exemplary approaches to students education worth commendation.

The Administration under the supervision of our VPA P. Dan Bestman desire much commendations for their managerial role.

Also to the students themselves for their infectious passion to enroll at GKTC ehich mottoi: Enlightening Minds to Unlock Potentials.

The college’s interim team headed by Prof. Dr. Amb. Josephus Moses Hinnih Gray is most grateful to the GKTC Board of Trustees under the dynamic leadership of Prof. Weade Kobbah-Boley and the Grand Kru Legislative Caucus under the Chairmanship of  Hon. Numene T.H.  Bartekwa  for the numerous supports towards the advancement of our great GKTC.

Special thanks to Senator Numene T.H Bartekwa who is also chairman of the Grand Kru Legislative Caucus for the 50 scholarships, to Rev. Benjamin Bedell for the five scholarships and to the Acting President of GKTC who is also Co-chair, Board of Trustees for the four scholarships towards the two best performed female and male  candidates in English and Mathematics in the entrance exams.

On Monday, we will be at the Orientation Program in spirit and hereby convey our gratitude and best wishes to everyone at GKTC.


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