Rep. Anthony F. Williams Expresses Gratitude To His People

Maryland County District #2 Representative, the man who dragged Bhofal Chambers, the ex-speaker of the 54th National Legislature, and defeated Representative of Sodoken District in Pleebo, Anthony F. Williams has expressed thanks and appreciation to his people who elected him during the October 10, 2023 elections.

In his social media post on social media, Representative Williams said, “My official appreciation to everybody who stood by me financially or morally   during the elections period up to voting day on October 10,  2023  and the   rerun election on January 25, 2024.  It was not easy  after  the  October 10, election  result  that declared us winner by the  National  Election commission on the 18, of October 2023.

Since the National Election commission NEC declared  us winner on the  18 of  October 2023,  we been going through  legal battle  at the  NEC  and  the supreme court  for the passed four months October 2023 to January 2024, so we could not officially  appreciate all of you due to the case being  in court by mr. Bhofal Chambers challenging our winning or victory over him  but now that i  am  the legitimate winner and certificated Representative of Pleebo sodoken district #2, Maryland County, i am  using today for my official  appreciation of everybody.

After the long walk to freedom, liberation, emancipation and happiness for our people in Pleebo Sodoken District #2, Maryland County, I come humble with my heart full of joy and endless appreciation for everybody who stood by me through the elections.

Starting with the first election I won on October 10, 2023, the results were challenged by Mr. Bhofal Chambers for four months from October to January 2024 at the National Election Commission and later the Supreme Court of Liberia.

The Supreme Court ruled that we should go for a rerun in Old Sodoken polling station #1 and polling station #2. This ruling disappointed, frustrated and frightened all of you because by overturning my earlier win in October, it placed me at a disadvantage in the rerun election in Old Sodoken.

It gave my opponent Mr. Bhofal Chambers a lead over me  of 467 votes, which many thought made it impossible for me to come back as the winner.

But by the grace of God and with our people standing firm along with your tremendous financial and moral support, I was brought back as the final winner of the rerun election in Old Sodoken on January 25, 2024. I appreciate all you did for me during this election, dating back to the 2017 election when I finished second place, and now as the winner of the October 10, 2023 election that was just concluded with the rerun in Old Sodoken.

Just know that we are inside, but WHO KNOWS? ONE DAY, ONE DAY!

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished colleagues and above all, my beloved people of Pleebo Sodoken District #2, Maryland County:

Today, as the sun rises on our collective new journey full of potential for District #2, I stand before you not with a heavy heart but with immense gratitude and unwavering joy beyond imagination.

I entered the world of Pleebo Sodoken and Maryland County politics driven by a passionate dream – a dream where the voices of every man, woman and child in District #2 would be heard and respected in the halls and corridors of power. After some time, the people of Pleebo Sodoken believed in that dream and gave me the honor to serve them for a first term of 6 years. For that, I am eternally grateful.

It’s not just a political position that defines service, it’s the undying will to serve. While this chapter opens for me as your representative, know this: I remain your servant.

We both know that titles come and go, but my commitment to you, to Pleebo District #2, Maryland County and Liberia remains unshaken. My advocacy for your rights, needs, happiness, better environment and aspirations will never be compromised or diluted because of money, political friendships, family affiliations or favoritism of any kind.

To all those who played a role in my successful political journey, from the humblest volunteer to the most vocal supporter, I express my deepest gratitude. Your faith, dedication and tireless energy pushed me forward. For that I am forever indebted.

To Mr. Bhofal Chambers and his supporters, I say thanks for the leadership provided over the years for our people and Maryland County. I honestly look forward to working with you and the illustrious people of Pleebo Sodoken District #2 as we move forward. The people have spoken, and their hopes now rest upon my shoulders. I am confident I will rise to the occasion and do the people’s work in our great district.

To our people in Pleebo, just know that our district will thrive when we work in unity and harmony. As we look ahead to future community events, I urge every citizen, leader and stakeholder to foster peace and unity. The elections are over along with the insults and harsh words. The true essence for any positive impact lies in how we come together after the election for the betterment of our district, county and nation.

My journey with you as your leader has just begun. I will stand beside you, for you, and with you. From the core of my heart, I thank you District #2. May peace, prosperity and unity be our guiding light as we travel through this 6-year mandate you have entrusted me with. God bless you all”, he concluded

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