Zimbabwe’s Former Leader Mugabe Buried at His Rural Home

By Columbus Mavhunga |

Soldiers carry a coffin with the body of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe before his burial in Zwimba, Zimbabwe, Sept. 28, 2019 (C. Mavhunga/VOA)

ZWIMBA, ZIMBABWE — Zimbabwe’s former president, Robert Mugabe, was buried Saturday in a low-key ceremony in his rural village. The site was chosen after the 95-year-old former leader’s family refused to have him buried at the national shrine in Harare because he had been “ridiculed.”

A Roman Catholic mass was held Saturday afternoon at Mugabe’s former home, about 100 kilometers northwest of Harare ahead of his burial. Only family members were allowed to witness the interment, which took place on the home’s grounds just before sunset.

Junior Shuvai Gumbochuma, the sister of Grace Mugabe, said the former leader’s family was not worried about the low-key burial.

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