Women of Grace Arrives in Liberia to Spread the ‘Good News’ Of God, And To Assist Abused Women And Children

Mrs. Felicia Garlo, founder of the Women of Grace

The Women of Grace, a Christian nonprofit Liberian women’s organization based in the United States is being led by women who wants to celebrate and spread the good news of God’s grace is to shortly come to Liberia to celebrate the goodness of God.

A dispatch from the United States, quoting the founder and head of the group, Mrs. Felicia Garlo said the story of the formation of this organization started when she, Felicia Garlo’s who was very ill almost to her death and was saved through the mercy and grace of God inspired her desire to become a vessel for God’s grace.

Members: Women of Grace

The dispatch said the Women of Grace mission to Liberia scheduled in early April, 2018 is to encourage their fellow compatriots in the diaspora, and Liberia to seek God’s face, and to look up to Christ as their solution.

Noting, “Our purpose is to sacrifice our time, and energy towards helping children and women who are abused,” adding.

Mrs. Garlo said in the United States, the Women of Grace started out by sharing God’s grace with the homeless in some States in the Americas, offering them hot meal, and winter clothing.

She said their trip to Liberia is to be part of the change, by creating awareness, and identifying with the Ebola survival children, the deaf and the blind children.

Mrs. Garlo said while here in Liberia, the Women of Grace will be pleased to honor two special women, the Liberian First Lady Clare Wear, and Vice President Jewel Taylor who they believe have the same mindset as they do.

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