Christopher Henry Smith is an American politician serving his 22nd term as the U.S. representative for New Jersey's 4th congressional district.

US Congressman Chris Smith calls on new Liberian legislators to urgently remove abortion section in Public Health Bill


Leading human rights campaigner and prominent US politician, Congressman Chris Smith, has called on the new Liberian Government and senators to remove the abortion section in the Public Health Bill.

The Public Health Bill, which includes the extreme abortion section, is currently under consideration by the Liberian Senate.

The statement released by Congressman Chris Smith adds to the mounting pressure the Liberian Government is facing to remove the section of the Public Health Bill that is estimated will lead to 40,000 babies being aborted in Liberia each year.

A number of senators have received a flood of correspondence from members of the public who are deeply concerned by the proposed radical change to abortion legislation in Liberia.

Congressman Chris Smith is a prominent US politician who is a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and a co-chair of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission a significant bipartisan body of the United States House of Representatives.

Smith is known worldwide for his human rights campaigning, including being the author of several global humanitarian and human rights laws including the historic Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. He has also chaired over 600 congressional hearings on human rights issues.

Under Liberia’s current law, abortion is allowed in exceptional circumstances – where the mother’s life is at risk, rape/incest/felonious intercourse, and disability of the fetus. These are rare situations.

The abortion section in the Public Health Bill would repeal Liberia’s current abortion law and replace it with a law that allows abortion, for any reason, on demand, up to when the baby in the womb reaches 14 weeks gestation.

It has been estimated that this change from allowing abortion in exceptional circumstances to allowing abortion on demand would lead to the lives of 40,000 babies being lost to abortion in Liberia every single year. This is a conservative estimate, the actual number could be much higher.

Based on this estimate, if this law change is made, it will lead to up to 400,000 innocent lives being lost to abortion over the next ten years in Liberia. Senators can avoid this mass loss of life now by removing this extreme abortion section from the Public Health Bill.

Most African countries prohibit abortion except in extreme circumstances, such as the life of the mother, rape/incest, and fetal disability. Most countries in the world likewise prohibit abortion except in extreme circumstances. Only a minority of countries allow abortion on demand.

Members of the public throughout Liberia are being encouraged to visit to ask their senators to ensure that the extreme abortion section be removed from the Bill.

The video of the statement from Congressman Chris Smith can be viewed here.

The statement in full from Congressman Chris Smith reads:

Hi, my name is Chris Smith, and I am currently serving my 43rd year in the US House of Representatives. I am the prime author of several global humanitarian and human rights laws including America’s historic Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000.

Liberia’s future is in grave danger. If the so-called Public Health Bill passes the Liberian Senate, it will have disastrous consequences for your country.

The legislation legalizes abortion on demand—killing unborn children by dismemberment, abortion pills—euphemistically called medical abortion—that literally starves the baby to death, or death by other poisons.

Abortion is violence against children.

If enacted into law, it will lead to around 40,000 defenceless babies being killed in Liberia each and every year through abortion.

Your children are precious. The women of Liberia deserve better than abortion. We should love and protect both mother and child.

We know that other countries are putting pressure on Liberia, and allegedly even paying your politicians bribes, to see 40,000 Liberian children a year killed.

As others have said, your children are worth more than 30 pieces of silver – they are priceless!

As you know, there is a powerful and well-funded global agenda that aggressively denies, devalues, and disrespects unborn baby girls and boys and trivializes the harm suffered by women who procure abortion on demand.

Pro-abortion NGOs, certain countries and activists systematically dehumanize unborn babies and seek to depopulate the countries of Africa.

With respect and a deep sense of urgency, please don’t let Liberia fall victim to their inhumane plans.

Life before birth is a miracle. By 3 weeks after conception, the baby’s heart begins to beat in the womb. By 7 weeks, the baby can swallow. The baby in the womb wakes and sleeps and can feel pain.

This Bill would legalize abortion for any reason up to 3 months, or maybe even longer. Do not let certain legislators deceive you into believing it is only for extreme situations.

Legal and political experts around the world agree that this is abortion on demand for any reason.

Say, please, say NO to this extreme pro-abortion legislation.

Protect the innocent from the violence of abortion and future generations including those who would have been exterminated by abortion will look back on you with enormous gratitude and praise.

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