No Funding Is Killing the Media – Says Media Executive

Media Hub Liberia (MHL) concluded a one-day retreat in Kakata, Margibi County where it’s Chief Executive Officer, Solo K. Williams delivered a frank address. Williams emphasized the critical need for development grants to sustain media institutions, warning of their impending demise without adequate support.

He lamented the tendency of donors to favor certain institutions and neglect the broader media landscape. Williams criticized international media developers for their apparent indifference to the survival of local media, urging for a more equitable distribution of grants to prevent collapse.

He highlighted the discrepancy between promises of capacity-building and actual support. He expressed concern over MHL’s uncertain future due to limited contracts for its essential services. Williams’ remarks underscored the urgent need for sustainable funding models and proactive strategies to ensure the survival and effectiveness of media institutions in Liberia.

The retreat aimed at assessing MHL’s operations, viability and challenges and underscored the importance of investing in institutional development alongside individual capacity building. Meanwhile, Williams, a UN trained media practitioner, linked the upsurge of labor unrests especially at the Bea Mountain mineral company to a lack of strategic planning and media monitoring, emphasizing the need for proactive crisis prevention measures.

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