Top Gov’t Official Buys 45 Acre  Of Land For L$23 Million, As Seller Tricked Buyer

Huge Liberian Dollars Bank Note

As investigation in the ‘missing sixteen  billion Liberian dollars’ gets underway by local and international experts,  GNN-Liberia investigation has again discovered  the purchase of 45-acre of land from two difference locations in Brewerville, Montserrado County and Marshall in Margibi County by a top official of the Liberian government.

According to GNN source, this official has purchased 30-acre of land in Marshall at the rate of Fifteen Million Dollars, the cash all in large bills was paid to the buyer whose named will be disclosed in our subsequent posting has since been arrested and detained at the Monrovia Central Prison, because, according to our investigation he is not the rightful owner of the land in question after receiving the payment from the chief executive.

Our source said the reason for the purchase of this thirty acre of land in Marshall is for the constriction of a children’s village, but unfortunately the buyer was reportedly misled by the purported seller of the land  which angered the principle buyer to detained him at the Monrovia Central Prison.

For the fifteen acre of land purchased in Brewerville at the amount of Eight Million Liberian Dollars by another unscrupulous seller has backfire with the rightful owner refusing to accept the term of the buyer to triple the amount previously charged, and also appealing to the rightful owner of the land not to go to the media.

As  investigation continue in this lavish spending of huge amount of money by a single individual in a very short period of time since he came to power, detail in our subsequent posting will disclose who this official is, and where the money in question comes from.

Investigation continues.

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