‘Developments cannot affect us positively without our participation as beneficiaries’- says REEP Liberia CEO, caution Liberians

By Emmanuel Mafelah

The Chief Executive office of the Rural Educational Empowerment program (REEP) Liberia says the organization remains focus in creation programs that will better the life of Liberian’s in the Country.

Speaking at the official lunching ceremony of the Organization in Gbartala, Yellequelleh district, the Rural Educational Empowerment program (REEP) Liberia CEO Lawrence Flomo said the institution remains committed in bettering the lives of young people of the country.

“In order for us to undertake as a people who will proper to stand ready to initiatives the developments and the way we want to see ourselves and our children in the future and future to come. We have worked over the years to identify problems and challenges’ hindering our human development as a nation and also we have understands that these expected developments cannot affect us positively without our participations as beneficiaries” Mr. Flomo said.

He said, having realize the need to serve and provide opportunity for Liberians across the Country they have organized these ideas and advices for the so-purpose of helping venerable Liberian’s through the newly founded organization (Rural Educational Empowerment program (REEP) Liberia, not in connection with any politicians because minus politicians they as a renown institution can do better in the absence of politicians.

According to him, the organization REEP Liberia is not a private making organization or a money making organization, but was founded to benefits Liberia and Liberian’s especially those of whom are dwelling in rural communities.

Lawrence Flomo at the same time stated that the organization is aims at one, working with communities to have a safe drinking water through the provision of hand pumps, working with community’s women to learn skill such as hairdressing, managing small businesses, agriculture activities amongst other.

According to our Bong county Correspondent, CEO Lawrence Flomo stated that education contribute to nation building and as such we cannot succeed without educations adding that if the Citizens of Bong County and the United Methodist never contributed to their educations they couldn’t have the ideas they have today.

Mr. Flomo is at the same time calling on the government of and well-meaning Liberian’s to help him in their struggle of creating and providing opportunities for Liberian across the Country.

“We will reach the if only we all can stand together for the so-purpose of aiding our brother’s and sister’s” he noted.

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