News Of President Weah’s First Reshuffle Soaring, As Several Queue For Dismissal, Transfer

Source from the executive branch of the Liberian Government has hinted this news outlet of a major reshuffle to take place soon by the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah.

According to the source even though not confirm said entities to be affected during the pending reshuffle including the Ministries of Finance, Development and Planning, the State for Presidential Affairs, the Public Works, Education and Information Culture & Tourism, while heads of others agencies in government have been listed in this drive.

Our source said pressure is being mounted on the Liberia leader, President George Manneh Weah to make some changes in his Government in order to receive international support from institutions believed to be from the donors’ communities.

“President Weah must realize that his Government is gradually losing its popularity both locally and internationally due to the behaviors of some of his officials, many of whom who are novice in good governance. He must see reason to make some changes,” Aaron Jakeson Brown of central Monrovia told the GNN in a chat.

“The economy is getting worst on a daily basis due to the lack of experience and well-grounded economists, and the mismanagement of the country’s resources, while others who are well seated in government are playing don’t care, but rather to enrich themselves. This is bringing credibility to President weah’s government,” Paul T.S. Brown of Paynesville speaking to our reporter said.

Currently, Liberians, many of whom who were over excited of the election of President Weah and his CDC led Government are expressing concern as the way things are going; especially the downtrend of the economy, and the mismanagement of the country’s wealth in the face of the alleged missing sixteen billion Liberian dollars, and the misapplication of the twenty five million United States made available to be infused in the economy.

As the news of reshuffle in government propping the ears of Liberians, many are eagerly looking forward to see this day when the Liberian leader will take a decisive action against his buddies many of those who are holding top positions and are allegedly plundering into the coffer of the country’s wealth without remorse are brought to book.

“I am very eager to see the President reshuffling his cabinets, and bringing on board those individuals who will understand the plight of the Liberian people, and not only enriching themselves in government,” Cora Davies of Monrovia also added her voice on this current situation in the Country.

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