Naymote calls on politicians not to use Liberian youth as instruments of violence amid launch of political campaign

Mr. Eddie Jarwolo, Executive Director Naymote

As Liberia gears up for this pivotal democratic exercise, Naymote earnestly calls on all Liberian youth, particularly those affiliated with political parties’ youth leagues and auxiliaries, to actively engage in issue-based political debates/activities, including campaigns, while fostering a culture of political tolerance.

Recognizing the profound influence that the young people of Liberia wield, Naymote emphasizes the pivotal role they can play in shaping the outcome of these elections. With their numerical strength, Liberian youth have the collective power to determine the course of leadership in their country. Naymote urges them to harness this potential and exercise their voting rights to elect leaders who are best equipped to usher in the transformative changes that they desire and address the challenges young people are facing. For example: unemployment, provision of basic social services such as education opportunities and basic healthcare services.

In recent years, we have witnessed instances where political leaders have exploited the energy and enthusiasm of young people often to the detriment of their own aspirations. In this year, Naymote firmly advocates for a shift in this narrative. We call on all Liberian youths to rise above this trend, seize the opportunities of political participation, and demand genuine representation that aligns with their values and aspirations.

We also call on all political parties not to use Liberian youths to engage in any act of political violence due to their status and unemployment.

With a focus on safeguarding the security and rights of all candidates and parties, Naymote calls upon the Liberian National Police (LNP) to execute its duties impartially and ensure the protection of all participants during campaign events. Naymote emphasizes the necessity for professionalism in the execution of these responsibilities.

Naymote informs all political parties and candidates that it is tracking presidential campaign promises for its President Meter Project which will be used to monitor the performance of the elected president against promises made.

The organization has trained and strategically deployed 15 observers across the country, established a Youth Elections Data Center, and reactivated its Liberia Decides platform with a substantial online following of over 23,000 people to track campaign promises and educate citizens about the electoral process using digital technology. In addition, Naymote will put out at least 700 volunteers from its various youth programs to carry out civic voter education – specifically teaching young people about how to vote and staying peaceful.

In a bid to encourage an informed electorate, Naymote calls on all political parties to publish their manifestos in accessible formats for citizens of varying literacy levels. The organization recognizes the forthcoming elections as an opportunity to fortify Liberia’s peace and democratic progress achieved over the past two decades. Naymote appeals to all Liberians, especially political leaders and party members, to eschew violence and instead engage in constructive policy debates that will drive transformative agendas addressing pressing issues such as corruption, economic growth, justice, human rights, unemployment, violence against women, and decentralization.

Naymote extends its call to action to all Liberian civil society organizations, media outlets, and independent citizens’ movements. The organization urges them to deepen engagements with citizens specifically in conflict-sensitive zones. Furthermore, Naymote underscores the importance of civic and voter education during the 2023 electoral campaign period, equipping citizens with the knowledge required to participate effectively in the democratic process.

As Liberia stands on the brink of yet another milestone in its democratic journey, Naymote remains committed to fostering a peaceful and transparent electoral environment bolstered by informed and engaged citizens.

About Naymote Partners for Democratic Development

Naymote Partners for Democratic Development is a good governance and research institution with over 20 years of professional experience working to advance the principles of democratic governance, rule of law and civic engagement in and out of Liberia. The institution has trained some of the most prominent young politicians in and outside of Liberia. The institution believes that a purposeful and effective civil society is needed to set the national policy agenda, stimulate sound and healthy grassroots’ response to governance issues, and influence the uneven power dynamics that characterize the relationship between Liberia’s citizens and government. 

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