Monrovia City Mayor, John C. Siafa

MIND refutes witch-hunt in MCC

The Movement with Integrity for National Development (MIND) has refuted report in “Smart News Liberia” of accusing the Mayor of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) of creating hostile work environment, violating employees’ rights.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, MIND noted that the accusation against Mayor John C. Siafa is baseless, misleading, unbelievable and falsehood intended to tarnish the good reputation of a decent Liberian who is fighting hard to clean the city of Monrovia from the huge pack of garbage across Monrovia and its environs.

MIND stressed that at no time, Mayor Siafa has violated any employee rights or created a hostile work environment as claimed by the “Smart News Liberia” however, the MCC boss has created a good working environment for all employees of the entity.

MIND maintained that the city of Monrovia which was once described as the dirty city in the world , no more carried that image in recent time under the leadership of Mayor Siafa who in a short period of time has transform the beauty of Monrovia and its environs that Liberians can breath fresh air compared to the past six years.

MIND investigation at the MCC revealed that there is no form and manner of witch hunting of any employee in any selection the corporation which being alarmed of Cideans have taken out of jobs at the MCC.

MIND acknowledged that President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has declared that there is no green or blue Liberians and Liberians who are qualified should be given the opportunity to work for their country in any capacity in the government and Mayor Siafa is implementing the president mandate.

MIND asserted that the MCC is a unique corporation which is more technical in nature to maintain the cleanness of the city and environs which was abused during past years.

MIND emphasized some media houses are not following the ethics of journalism but practicing yellow journalism to destroy the good reputation of government officials who have been built over years of publishing purport stories through their outlets which must check seriously.

MIND believed that when Liberians are given the opportunity to serve their nation, like Mayor Siafa should be encouraged to work for Liberia rather than some people try to use the media to come out issues which are not relevant to moving the country forward.

MIND said it is about time all employees of MCC to rally around Mayor Siafa’ s administration to transform the development of the corporation for the benefit of everybody.

MIND assured Mayor Siafa that don’t the noise in the air, but do the people work and the people will understand that government position is to serve not master.

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