Liberian Lawmakers To Probe Claims Of Bad Labor Practices At GVL

Members of the Liberian Lislatature

Grand Kru County District #1 Representative Nathaniel Bahway has accused Golden Veroluem Liberia (GVL) of bad labor practices, particularly at its operations area in the county.

Speaking in an interview with the Liberia News Agency (LINA) on Monday, Representative Bahway said there is a need to investigate the long-standing problems at the oil company between citizens and the management of GVL.

Bahway explained several counts of bad labor practice, including inappropriate dismissal of employees without due diligence.

He alluded particularly to a case involving an employee identified as Daniel Cooper (a truck driver) who was dismissed because he was involved in an accident while transporting oil palm from Grand Kru to the company’s factory in Sinoe County.

Referring to traffic regulations in the case of the dismissed driver, Bahwat believes that “when an accident occurs a traffic officer or the Liberia National Police (LNP) has to be informed and invited to investigate the issue,” adding that such was not done in the case of Daniel (the driver) and he was dismissed.

“Another employee is Emmanuel Sackor, his brother was accused of stealing palm in the night and he was taken to court and found guilty but GVL transferred the crime to Emmanuel and dismissed him,” Bahway alleged.

In an earlier communication to the Plenary of the House of Representatives on Thursday, March 7, the Grand Kru County lawmaker pleaded with his colleagues to invite the management of the company to clarify some concerns of0 alleged illegal labor practice at GV which, he said, does not promote the government’s Pro-Poor Agenda as it is strangulating ordinary Liberians.

Representative Bahway told LINA that members of the House of Representatives mandated the committees on Labor, Internal Affairs and Judiciary to investigate GVL over allegations of bad labor practices at the company’s operation area.

Meanwhile, the Joint Committee is expected to investigate the matter and report to plenary in two weeks.

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