“Supreme Court Experiencing Challenging Time In Impeachment Proceeding” – Says Chief Justice Korkpor

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Justice Francis Korkpor

Supreme Court Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor says the high court is experiencing a challenging time in the ongoing impeachment proceeding involving Associate Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh.

He said the fact that Justice Ja’neh is a member of the court is unprecedented in the history of the country.

He said to the best of his recollection there has been no impeachment proceeding in the country that has taken on the form of a full blown trial before the House of Senate.

“My role as the Presiding Officer is mandated by the constitution that is provided in Article 43, which states that when “the President, Vice President or an Associate Justice is to be tried, the Chief Justice shall preside, the Liberian Senate tries the proceeding and is the sole judge of whether or not the justice has committed an impeachable offense,” he pointed out.

Chief Justice Korkpor made the statement on Monday at a program marking the Opening of the March 2019 Term of the Supreme Court of Liberia.

“We have no doubt that the honorable men and women of the Senate will at the end of the trial make a fair and best determination based on the findings,” Chief Justice Kokpor observed.

He stated that the constitution provides that the trial be conducted in keeping with the due process of law, noting that “thus my role as Presiding Officer is to ensure that the process is in keeping with due process of law as mandated by the constitution.”

He further asserted: “For a period of time, I have heard and read and continue to hear accusations, innuendoes and speculative views about my role in the impeachment process, and this view is coming from some people who ought to know better as the matter is being tried.”

“I will for now refrain from people who ought to know better as the matter is being tried. I will for now refrain from making any substantive comments regarding my own role, but I will assure that in the end the truth will emerge,” Chief Justice Korkpor pointed out.


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