Liberia Technologically Moving Forward As Ezee Market Becomes ‘Talk Of The Town’

Mr. Eric Hage, Co-Founder Ezee Market

As E-commerce affects economic variables and growth rates, and also lead to higher wages, higher standards of living for individuals, structuring markets and expanding marketing, increasing sales and exports and thus increasing production and growth rates, the Ezee platform has taken the step in this direction.

The establishment of Ezee Market has added more value in Liberia’s Ecommerce sector presenting an exciting opportunity for retailers to grow their businesses by connecting with new customers locally and internationally, this platform is robustly leading this efforts through its youthful hardworking employees who are professional  grinded have taken the lead in this sector.

Exhibiting the true potential of the online retail environment which remains largely untapped in Liberia, Africa and the rest of the world, not forgetting the United States, Ezee Market has joined forces with one of Liberia’s Leading Fleet Management Company, the United Logistics Company or ULC to offer its professional delivery services to its many customers in Liberia.

According to the Global Digital Insight, there are 624.6 thousand internet users in Liberia by January 2020, while maintaining a very secured and convenient way for consumers to shop online on its platform (, the company has also partnered with Liberia’s Top GSM Companies in order to allow customers place orders and make payments using MTN Mobile Money & Orange Money.

The master brain behind this entire service provider is Mr. Eric Hage who is also the C0-Founder of EZee Market, who indicated during interaction with the GNN said; “Our Vision for Ezee Market is to revolutionize the way business is done in Liberia.”

On April 29 2020, the company announced that its platform now accepts online payments, which allow customers to buy using their Local & International Banks debit or credit cards. In addition, has since created an opportunity for Liberians residing abroad to Purchase items for their loved ones & Families in Liberia.

Meanwhile, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has put in place considerable measures in observing both the health and security protocols in order to save EZee customers & Delivery Agents.

Taking into consideration the Corona virus is a global pandemic and is raging worldwide, the issue of taking precautionary measures is necessary. Ezee Market is taking all precautionary measures and encouraging its customers to accept both cashless payments and contactless deliveries methods.

Even though more need to be done to improve the Liberian Ecommerce sector for example a digital Addressing System to support efficient and effective deliveries, Liberia is on the right path “a journey to a long distance begins with the first step.

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