Liberian entrepreneurs like Miriam Williams are opening small and medium-size businesses

Miriam Mimi Boakai Williams, CEO

In the wake of COVID 19 and its impact on the global, regional and national economies, some Liberians are focused on establishing small and medium-sized businesses to support the government in rebooting the private sector and create jobs. One such Liberian entrepreneur is Miriam Mimi Boakai Williams, the founder, President. CEO and General Manager of JMW Enterprise, Inc., a Monrovia-based international general trading, production, and service-oriented company.

Miriam established the company in 2020 and has since opened the company’s first wholesale and retail outlet in Paynesville, Red Light. Apart from general trading including input and export, the company is also involved in mobile money operation, currency exchange, transportation, real estate development, and management as well as mineral operations, sales, and marketing.

As CEO, Miriam says she is determined and focused on ensuring that the Liberian dream of Liberians becoming partakers in their own economy is realized. She said it is good that all Liberians with support from Liberian leaders, past and present, are encouraging Liberians to become innovators and entrepreneurs.

So far, since establishing the company, Miriam has provided employment opportunities for a few Liberians who did not previously have any formal source of income.

Miriam is fully aware that as the coronavirus body-checks the Liberian and the global economy, small and medium-sized businesses have been thrown off their feet. Business owners are trying to figure out how to keep doing what they do, how to keep the lights on, and how to shield their workers from the worst of the downturn ahead.

A graduate of the iconic Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda with a masters degree, Miriam also brings a wide range of experiences in customer service and business management, having worked as a customer services manager for a major medical institution in Uganda.

GNN Liberia spoke to CEO Miriam Boakai Williams about how she and her company are coping and adapting.  She said, “All it takes is a big risk or working exceptionally hard, or both, to chase one dream in doing business and helping to employ our fellow Liberians.”

She said starting and running a business in Liberia requires Liberians patronizing Liberian businesses and the government supporting Liberians all who dare take the risk of investing locally.

As a wholesale and retail store, JMW Enterprise offers a special discount and unique credit services to regular buyers and customers through its JMWplus membership reward program.

Miriam said she and her workers are finding an unexpected symbiosis with the customers they serve as the economic slowdown and COVID 19 crisis affirm how much their services mean to their communities and clients.

Since opening, the business has been “great,” Miriam Williams said. “It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it’s something that can be a viable business. We were just starting to hit our stride,” including doing better than anyone had expected in the pandemic period, which notoriously brings slowdowns. To read more about JMW Enterprise, Inc., please visit

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