LIBERIA: Lonestar Cell MTN Offers 300 Smartphones to Women in Market

-Launch Data Da Life campaign

Lonestar Cell MTN, a leading Liberia telecommunications company, has launched a new and innovative service called “data” at the Old Road Jobber Market in Sincol, a suburb of Monrovia, for women with 300 smartphones and 300 T-shirts. , I gave away 300 waist bags. “Da Life” means “data is life”.

At the start of the Data Da Life campaign on Friday, June 18, 2021, the company donated smartphones to women in the market to enjoy modern connected life, make mobile money transactions with customers, and use social media. He said that he was able to connect with his children. Above all, other families from far to near.

The MTN Data Da Life campaign uses MTN data on smartphones and various social media platforms to enable people to connect to each other from a distance or near.

Kolubah Flomo, CMO deputy for Lonestar MTN, added that the donation means that women in each market in the Old Road Joe Bar Market have smartphones, and that the initiative spans the country’s 15 subdivisions.

According to him, the company makes sure that women in each market have smartphones that allow them to carry out mobile money transactions and connect with their families using social media.

“Because we are aware of the efforts you have made to the Liberia economy. [how] You are supporting Liberia. LonestarCellMTN has announced that it will donate 300 smartphones to the market, “Flomo said of the delight among the women in the market.

Flomo said people believed that data was only for young people and those who worked, but MTN explained that Data Da Life was “not only for young people, but also for students and teachers.” did. , Doctors, Women in the Market, Pen-Pen Riders (Motorcyclists), Data is for everyone. “

He added that the Lonestar Cell MTN believes that everyone deserves the benefits of modern connected life, especially women in the market.

Fromo continued that he chose Joe Barmarket director Majuria Benny as MTN’s Datada Life Campaign Ambassador as a token of the company’s appreciation for the efforts being applied by women in the market.

According to him, Ma Julia started selling a cup of rice and gradually expanded her business by adding fish to it, and is now the market director of the Old Road Jobber Market.

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Abigail Nufeatalai, Marketing Manager of Lonestar Cell MTN for Brands and Communications, added more women to the market when it announced that it would donate 300 T-shirts, 300 waist bags and 300 caps to women in the market at the Old Road Joe Bar Market. I cheered up.

“So, in addition to the 300 phones my boss just said, we give you something to help you in your market so that you can help keep your money. I’ll give you … I’ll give you 300 caps. “

Madam Nufeatalai said Lonestar Cell MTN has always been an industry leader in introducing innovative products and services, including life-changing mobile money for everyone and the newly launched Data Da Life campaign. Said.

“Data is life, data is all life we ​​do, and today we are taking that step in the market,” she says, when women in the market talk about the Datada Life campaign. Added that it is a very important segment. It makes up about 47 percent of the total population here.

At least 53% of them were entrepreneurs and small business owners, emphasizing that women are strong.

Lonestar Cell MTN Data DaLife campaign ambassador Ma Julia Benny also explained that Lonestar GSM was using a buttonphone when she gave her a smartphone with Facebook access.

“Everyone, let’s stand behind Lonestar, Lonestar Da Life,” Ma Julia said, urging women in the market to listen to her and register for Lonestar Cell MTN.

She thanked the company for her intervention and ensured that women in the market would do more to support the GSM giants.

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