LIBERIA: ‘Ecobank Pleebo Branch Official Visits TU Campus; Encourages Employees, Students To Use Xpress Service

From Moses Geply | GNN Correspondent | Maryland County|

Mr. Moibah Barwoh addressing TU students

Ecobank Pleebo Branch Manager in Maryland County, Moibah Barwoh has paid a one-day visit to the main campus of the William V.S Tubman University in Harper; aims at educating employees and students of Tubman University about the institution new service benefit of to their respective customers.

The new Xpress Bank service allows Ecobank account holders to link their bank accounts to their MTN mobile, enabling them to move money from “bank to their phone, almost like the “Push and Push Service”.

Speaking on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, at the end of the one-day meeting, said the service will also allow customers of Ecobank and subscribers to have access to basic financial services through their mobile phones from their respective homes.

Mr. Moibah Barwoh said the introduction of this Xpress service is part of a mutual agenda of Ecobank to move Liberia towards a cash-lite economy since the commencement of their operation over a decade.

” Today, we as Bankers, we taught it wise of reducing some of the challenges and long distances you accounter in getting your salaries,” said Barwoh, He further explained with this Xpress service you can have access to your account, know your balance, and withdraw,” he said.

The Head of Ecobank in Pleebo said this service will not only benefit customers but also empower local mobile money centers in Maryland County.

” This will enable our customers using the Xpress service to seamlessly move monies from their accounts without restriction as to how much can be withdrawn”.

Mr. Murlubah further noted that over a hundred of thousand mobile app users and Xpress account holders will greatly enjoy the convenience this service brings to their homes.

“We believe as a bank, that collaborations and interoperability provide great gains to customers and subscribers, allowing them to benefit from services on both sides and enhancing their ability to transact remotely safely and securely especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Mr. Murlubah, with the numerous branches, cash centers,

and Ecobank Xpress Points in the County, this product will enable customer customers funds from their bank accounts to their MTN mobile money wallet and cash out with ease.

This is indeed proof that the bank is fully supporting the Government of Liberia’s Digital Financial Inclusion Agenda”.

Mr. Murlubah however maintained that the service charge fees will still be deducted from her regular customers.

Meanwhile, Mr. Augustine Hinneh, Human Resource Manager at Tubman University commended Ecobank for the partnership and welcomed them for the Xpress Service.

“We are pleased to welcome Ecobank on the main campus of William V.S. Tubman University. We will continue educating our employees about the and benefits of the program.

He encouraged Ecobank subscribers to make use of the Xpress service, as it comes with convenience and accessibility.

“We are excited about this because it makes our customer’s lives easier and better. As we promise our customers: when it comes to safe, secure, and convenient digital payments, with Xpress service we will do our best”. says Jackson B. Clay, CEO of New Creation Annex 3 business Center in Harper.

For her part, a customer of Ecobank, Sarah G. Toe age 51 appreciates Ecobank for introducing said service to them. Ma Sarah said the service will cut down the long distances they traveled to get their salary.

” Thou I have not gotten enough information about the program but with what am hearing I think it will help us because we traveled from Harper to Pleebo, paid our money at the end of the day some time the bank tell that the system is down,” said Ma Sarah.

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