Another Dangerous Drug ‘Zombie’ Hits Liberian Market – LDEA Boss, Abraham Kromah Discloses

By: Christopher Wiah |

As Liberia battle es with the arrival of illicit drugs on the Liberian market including Kush and other harmful substances that have over the past years killed young Liberians after taken in these substances, the Executive Director of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA), Col. Abraham Kromah has disclosed the arrival in the country another harmful substance called ‘Zombie’ is now on the Liberian market.

He said this new drug was discovered and confiscated by a team of LDEA officers in the commercial hub of red-light in Paynesville.  according to him this new drug “Zombie” which is currently in the country is more dangerous than Kush and other harmful substances, and further noted that the LDEA is investigating to find out the origin of it.

The LDEA boss said the pronouncement is not meant to scare anybody as the LDEA has the technical knowhow in bringing those traffickers of drugs in Liberia down.

“Thank God we have a little bit of funding now, so as to interact with the folks; we are now going on the defensive, we already laid the ground work on what we intend to do. We now know where and how on who to look for, that’s the good thing about it”, he revealed.

He furthered revealed that despite the LDEA robust fight without funding in the unity party 100 days deliverable, his entity is managing  to establish all of these contacts and they are now focusing in getting to the bottom of most of their intelligence. In doing that,  we need money so as to perform our duties as drugs is seriously taking over this country.” He noted

The United States Government is also on the alert for ‘deadly’ flesh-rotting ‘zombie drug’ that ‘gruesomely disfigures’ people

It is an animal sedative that dealers are mixing with the lethal opioid fentanyl in a combination known to disfigure skin, alarming health officials across the US, according to U.S. news network, the Economic Times.

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