LFM Leadership Voices Out Important Issues, Writes President Weah  Not To Make The Presidency Shame

Mr. Sheikh Al-Moustapha Kouyateh

In letter dated September 14, 2022, and addressed to the Liberian leader, President George Mannneh Weah, the leadership of the Liberia First Movement (LFM) under the signature of Sheikh Al-Moustapha Kouyateh urged the Liberian leader to be decisive in taking decision in the interest of the Liberian people.

See below the letter:

September 14, 2022

Dear Mr. President

The Liberia First Movement Movement (LFM) is constrained to write you this communication seeking your quick decision as a leader to always listen to the People by investigating and taking concrete steps to avoid bringing shame to The Presidency of Liberia.

In time past, many Liberians complained that the former Minister of State, Nathaniel Mcgill, the former Solicitor General, Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus and even Bill Twehway, the Former Managing Director of the National Port Authority, were corrupt.

These calls repeatedly came on radio shows, social media, and other media outlets but met no attention from your office, and neither did you talk about them until these government officials got sanctioned by the United States Government for corruption.

Two days ago, you accepted their resignation after suspending them from office. While it is true that your action to suspend these officials was good, Your Excellency, it would have uplifted your spirit and projected a better leadership image had you acted long ago.

Mr. President, your office is under severe scrutiny again, and you have paid deaf ears to the many calls for Minister Dee-Maxwell Kemeyah, Sr., to be relieved of host post to answer these allegations against him of sexual harassment. Again, you have heard and know that a lady accused the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs. We do not believe nor reject this claim until he settles this case. Your leadership is needed to control this situation.

A few days ago, we read in the news that some women have geared up to embarrass the Liberia People in New York, USA, by carrying out a protest against our Foreign Minister during the UNGA. This news is humiliating for us as a people, and we are calling on you to save our face from this embarrassment by doing the honorable thing of asking Mr. Kemayah to resign and asking another qualified Liberia of your choice to step in his place as Foreign Minister to bring us pride again.

We hope our request will fall on fertile ground and yield the best result in the interest of the country we all dearly love.

Thank you very much, Mr. President, for your timely intervention.

Kind regards.

Sheikh Al-Moustapha Kouyateh

Liberia First Movement


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