Joe Gene Mulbah, Musons Group’s Founder Receives African Leadership CEO Award

Mulbah left receives Africa Leadership CEO Award in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Musons Group Incorporated, Mr. Joe Gene Mulbah, one of Liberia’s respective, trained and experienced international architect and accomplished construction engineer has been awarded the African Leadership CEO Award in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mulbah has recently won the African Leadership CEO Award and was also inducted into the African Leadership CEOs Hall of Fame in South Africa because of his extraordinary leadership in Liberia’s private sector and as CEO of the most value-added and outstanding architectural firm and Construction Company in Liberia.

The Musons Groups Inc., under his leadership in 2016 won the National Excellence Award, as his reputable firm remains and retains the status as the Most Outstanding Architectural Firm and Construction Company in Liberia.

Musons Group’s CEO Joe Gene Mulbah, left, receives African Leadership CEO Award in Johannesburg, South Africa

As a Liberian owned firm, Musons Group Inc has and continues to add tremendous value to the country in contributing to and facilitating economic growth as well as creating jobs for Liberians in design engineering, construction, logistics, finance, and administration.

When it comes to buildings, Musons Groups Inc under the leadership of Mulbah has bestowed solid meaning to the phrase, “built to last.”  The company is well- regarded and known for planning and designing functional structures and constructing buildings with concern to mechanical details, air conditioning, and electrical systems because its CEO and senior staff have developed and continue to apply creative problem-solving skills as well as mathematical and scientific principles to design and construction.

The National Excellence Awards, 2016 – Most Outstanding Construction Company in Liberia

As CEO of Musons Group Inc., Mulbah knows his market in Liberia and sub-Sahara Africa. His architectural firm and construction company focused on the design and construction of office buildings, industrial and commercial centers, world-class medical facilities and healthcare centers, and prime real estate properties that include luxury hotels and resorts etc.  Mulbah is a CEO with a clear, consistent customer segmentation who also understands that a go-to-market strategy is a must.

Since taking over as CEO of Musons Group Inc., Mulbah has cultivated a “value edge’ for the firm and company.  This is one of the key reasons why clients prefer and hire the services of Musons Group Inc., as opposed to their competitor’s.

As a firm and company, Musons Group Inc., delivers demonstrably better value to its clients than their competitors and Mulbah understands this.

Under Mulbah’s leadership, Musons Group Inc has expanded its network in Liberia and in the West African sub-region.  Mulbah has built a sphere of influence, a factor which has given his firm and company more visual heft.  As CEO, Mulbah is always finding ways to form partnerships raise visibility and attract important alliances and capital while encouraging foreign investors to invest in Liberia’s emerging real estate and construction sector.

With a vision to emerge as the foremost brand name of class and efficiency in design engineering, Musons Group Inc., under Mulbah’s leadership, has now been ranked as one of best architectural firms and construction companies in sub-Sahara Africa.  The firm and company’s core values are Trustworthiness, Time-consciousness, Content, Indulgent, Commitment, Steadfast, and Quality.

Mulbah is also leading the charge in the private sector to boost Liberia’s tourism industry.  His company is in numerous partnership discussions with global investors around the world and is gearing up to construct the largest, best and world-class hotel and resort along the Atlantic Ocean in Marshall, Liberia.  The resort will provide helicopter ride services, boat ride and host various indoor and outdoor sports activities including a golf course as well as basketball, volleyball and lawn tennis arenas.  It will also contain a mini shopping center, exotic and African cuisines as well as a sports bar.

Musons Group Inc also works with and assists Liberians, Sierra Leoneans, and other West Africans abroad to build their dream homes in their respective countries while still living abroad. From design, construction finished and moves in, Musons Group Inc., provides inclusive and comprehensive services, sometimes tailoring it to suit the clients. Other Liberians honored at the even include Taa Wongbe and Ernest Keleko Boakai.

Source: Globe Afrique Media

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