Concerned U.S.-based Liberians Unite against amendment of Article 27

Mr. Jerome Z. Gayman

Concerned Liberians in the Diaspora of the United States have organized themselves and launched a campaign to oppose the amendment of Article 27 of the Liberian Constitution as being debated in the Liberian Legislature.

According to a dispatch from the United States the group known as Liberians in Defense of Article 27 (LIDA27) is nonpolitical, nonreligious and non-ethnic and comprises Liberians of diverse professional background and political persuasions with the sole purpose of mobilizing and conscientizing    the vast majority of the Liberian people to vehemently defend Article 27 of the Liberian Constitution.

LIDA27 has already begun broad consultation both in the United States and Liberia with the aim to form alliances and build coalition with like-minded Liberians to ensure that proponents calling and working for the amendment of Article 27 are decisively defeated in their unpatriotic desire to undermine the historical basis for inclusion of Article 27 in the Liberian Constitution and thereby keep our people in continued poverty.

The group has taken serious exception to the mentality that the Liberian Constitution   is racist and noted that the Constitution is not and has never been racist, and any attempt to change the negro Clause and property rights by politicians and powerful invisible hands; and circumvent the will of the Liberian people for political gain and economic advantage will be vehemently resisted in all shape and forms, including legal means.

LIDA27 is hereby reminding the CDC-led government that its pro-poor agenda must aligned with the universal philosophy that Poor people’s empowerment and their ability to hold others to account is strongly influenced by their individual assets, including their land.

Meanwhile, the group is therefore calling upon every patriotic Liberian to join this mass movement to ensure that we maintain the heritage of our forefathers and prevent this ulterior motive  to amend Article 27 based primarily on the premise to enrich those who are already depriving our people of economic opportunities and take away their land, which is the last economic power they possess.

Jerome Z. Gayman, Chairman (772) 940-2871 Cee Smallwood, Vice Chairman, Sam T. Slewion, Chair, Media & External Relations, Tolo Bonah Corfah, Secretary General, Aminatha K. Jaleiba,

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