Israeli Business Executives To Visit Liberia

(L-R) Mr. Jacob Assayag shakes hands with President Pro-Temporare

The planned visit of the Israeli business tycoons is a result of concerted efforts made by Mr. Jacob Assayag, himself an Israeli, to have them come to Liberia and invest.

Mr. Assayag is in Liberia for the second time in two months and has been holding talks with senior Liberian Government officials including Senate Pro-Tempore, Mr. Albert Chie and Deputy Agriculture Minister for Research and Extension, Cllr. Cyrenious Cephus.

Last month, Mr. Assayag met with Liberian Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, Commerce Minister Wilson Tarpeh, and the head of the Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority, Mr. Edward Smith.

According to Mr. Assayag, the Israeli delegation wants to invest in agriculture, with emphasis in poultry farming and rice production. He added that the group is also specialized in solar electric power production and as well as mobile telecommunications, etc.

Mr. Assayag who lived in Liberia prior to the deadly civil war, told newsmen in Monrovia yesterday that his love for Liberia pushed him to fetch investors from Israel and Europe to come and do business in the country.

During a recent meeting with the President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Mr. Albert Chie told Mr. Assayag that the new Liberian Government has opened all doors for investment in the country.

Mr. Chie assured him of Government’s commitment to protect investors in Liberia. He officially invited the Israelis to come to Liberia and invest, adding that Liberia is ever ready to work with International investors.

Mr. Assayag thanked all those who facilitated his meetings with Liberian Government officials. He indicated that with the readiness of the Liberian Government, he will work diligently to encourage International investors from around the world to come to Liberia and invest.

The Israeli national lived in Liberia in the mid-80s and rendered assistance to several Liberians during the civil crisis. During his stay in the country, he helped to promote the Flomo Theater Group of the late Peter Ballah and the Liberia National Culture Center in Kendeja.

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