Internal Affairs Minister Constitutes 15-Committee To Resolve Kinjor Dispute

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Internal Affairs Minister, Varney Sirleaf

Constitutes Internal Affairs Minister, Varney Sirleaf, has constituted a 15-member committee to thoroughly investigate and amicably resolve the Kinjor dispute in Grand Cape County.

Minister Sirleaf constituted the committee over the weekend following his town hall meeting with the residents, aggrieved employees, including jobless employee and the Bea Mountain Company Representative.

It can be recall on Monday of last week, residents of Kinjor town unleashed country devil which paralyzed the entire operations of the Bea Mountain Mining Company, stall the movement of non-members also short down other businesses.

The Unleashing of the country devil, led to the shooting of two persons, namely, Zina Dassin and Francis Benson by officer of the Emergency response Unit of the Liberia National police.

Minister Sirleaf having listened carefully to parties involved urged them to be calm until the committees go ahead with its investigation.

For the past months and years, there have been series of outcries from that gold mining town ranging from unemployment, unfair labor practice, including the issue of resettlement benefit, cooperative farming, the planting of cornerstone among few others.

The Internal Affairs Minister used the occasion to plead with all parties to remain calm until the investigation can be carries out and finding made available.

The investigation is expected to begin on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at the hour of 10:00 am in Sinje Town, Garwular District, Grand Cape Mount County.

The committee is headed by Minister Varney Sirleaf of the Internal Affairs Ministry with representatives from the traditional council, youths, residents of Kinjor, the Commissioner office, Superintendent office, both the district and senator office including representatives from the civil society and human rights group in the county.

The Internal Affairs Minister revealed that the entire investigation is going to last for two weeks so that all issue been emanating from the area can be resolve once and  for all.

Meanwhile, Minister Sirleaf has placed United States one thousand, Five hundred Dollar fine on the management of the Bea Mountain Mining Company.

Minister Sirleaf said also clarified that the fine imposed on the Bea Mountain Company, it doesn’t mean that the company’s guilty intended to cerement broken relationship between the company the and the residents of Kinjor and Lajor Towns.

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