In U.S. Liberian, James Nyonteh Stabbed His Wife To Death

James Nyonte and his wife

A Liberian man identified as James Nyonteh who is living in the United States has been arrested for stabbing his wife to death.

According to an online publication, the Salemgists, the 45-year-old man killed his wife identified as Peaches Yates just few months into their marriage.

An eyewitness who is a member of the family revealed that James was caught sexually assaulting his wife’s daughter.

The incident resulted into a physical confrontation and in an attempt to cover up his secret, James decided to stabbed his 35-year-old wife to death.

It was learnt that the couple got married in August 27 2021. Salemgists also learnt that the deceased had a daughter before getting married to James

As at the time of this report, James has been arrested but no charges have been brought up against him.

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