In Nimba: Two LNP Officers Flogged By Gbuyee Town Citizens In their Attempt To Make An Arrest

From Musa Moore Sherman | GNN Correspondent | Nimba County|

The police detachment in Nimba County says it is investigating citizens of Gbuyee Town, Nimba County for their alleged brutality against its officers in Ganta.

According to our Correspondent in the County, the two officers of the Liberian National police in Ganta had gone to the town to enforce the arrest of a 38-year-old man known as Obadiah Garbee, who allegedly took a single barrel raffle to kill his 48-year-old brother, Nelson Garbee, the town chief of the town.

Following the incident Obadiah Garbee allegedly pointed the gun at his big brother after a tense family confusion that broke out and the Poro master [country devil] intervened to investigate.

According to the community elders, both men were accordingly charged to pooay seven animals with L$8,500.00, a situation that caused Nelson Garbee the community chief to escape and seek justice from the Liberia National Police.

Based on the complaint from the Town Chief, the two police officers were sent to enforce an arrest, but citizens of the town insisted that the country devil was in control of the situations therefore could not allow the officers to carry out their discharge.

Speaking to the two police officers, Michael P. Keh who along with Irene Korgbaye were victimized by the community actions, while they were on duty upon the arrival of Nelson Garbee, the town Chief who went over to the police station to inform them about what has happened to him in the community.

What our correspondent garther so far was that police officer Michael received treatment at the Power House Clinic while officer Irene received treatment at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital.

When contacted, some elders of the town along with the District commander of the community Wash forum of Bain, said they were informed about the situation but did not expected it to go that far.

In this same year some immigration officers were attack by gun men in the some community who were engage in illegal border entrence.

As we speak the matter has been turn over to the Ganta Magestirateral court for further court processing.

But the Liberian National police heads in Ganta have reneged to comment to the incident by their office and the community they control.

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