LIBERIA: COVID-19 Outbreak Could Cause Serious Food Shortage In Grand Kru As Business Community Warns

By: Emmanuel S. Koffa | GNN Correspondent |Grand Kru County |

Prince S. Polee, Grand Kru County Acting Business Association Chain Person

Protective measures by national governments during the coronavirus crisis could provoke food shortages in southeastern Liberia mainly Grand Kru County.

Report gather  by GNN  revealed  that Since the   government of Liberia declared the State of  Emergency (SoE) couple with  its stay home action in conformity with  the global pandemic preventive   measure,  one county that is expected  to  be  highly affected by government decision will be Grand Kru County  Southeastern Liberia, which is also the birth home of the Liberian leader.

According to reports, the SoE including the compulsory lockdown, came  as a surprise when most of the traders  in the county  ware houses were  almost  empty.

Business men in the County are equally appealing to the government of Liberia to give   traders the opportunities to import consumable commodities in the county to avoid the expected acute shortage of food, mainly Rice on the county’s parallel market

The worst is that upon its declaration of the state of emergency couple with   its unexpected stay home action, governments restricted the flow of food, including all measures against free trade.

Government  action thou it is aimed at preventing Liberian from being largely  consumed  by  the deadly pandemic COVID-19  but  traders  believed that  government should grant  them  the   opportunity  to continue the free  flow of  food    to avoid food shortage  of  basic commodities  in rural Liberia.

Prince Polee acting chain person  of the Grand Kru business association  told GNN recently that   putting restriction  on the flow of  trade    will be counterproductive  should  government of Liberia   ignored  the plight of consumers.

He said this is not the time for restrictions or putting in place trade barriers. Adding “it is about time to promote and protect the flow of food around the county to sustain family members.”

Prince Polee, acting chairman of the Grand Kru business group  said the continued lockdown of  grand Kru County  by the  Government continue  to worry citizens, adding” that the lockdown which was put in place by the government to check the spread of the coronavirus is breeding a hunger.

COVID-19 which is presently ravaging the world like a monstrous invisible enemy has distorted virtually every corner of the globe with enormous mountains of deaths. “Liberia of course, is not an exception. Our land borders, the air, and the seaports have been deservedly shuttered to contain and ultimately mitigate the deadly fury of the murderous virus. Other communities of Grand Kru County, appears to be the very hot zone of this pandemic. “Everywhere in grand kru is locked down. The markets, the  shops, the transportation services are now all halted, frozen by the Government directives since the start of April.

For his part, Joseph P. Wesseh, the association’s secretary general, the outbreak of Coronavirus has greatly affected the association.

Joseph Wesseh informed GNN that following consultations and negotiations it is now agreed upon for the Grand Kru Business Association to begin making meaningful contributions to impact the economy of the County.

Wesseh added that the association is cognizant of the basic health protocols and that it will ensure compliance to health fight the pandemic.

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