Court In Harper Sentences County Assistant Superintendent To Prison For Contempt

From E. Varney Kamah/GNN Correspondent In Maryland County/

Mr. Bedell been Escorted by court officers to prison
(Photo: Varney Kamah)

Maryland County Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs, Anthony Wloflo Bedell has been sent jail at the Harper Central Prison due to his alleged failure settle Five Thousand Three Hundred and Ninety Five United States Dollars, and One Fifty Seven Thousand and Three Hundred and Fifty Liberian Dollars allegedly he owed one Judy Howe on a disputed land.

Superintendent Bedell was arrested at his Gbolobo, Pleebo Sodoken District residence on Monday afternoon, and was charged with contempt of court for failure to comply with the bill of cost after the Supreme Court ruled against him in September last year in a two archers of land dispute case between he and Judy Howe, former Labour Commissioner of Maryland county.

Prior to his arrest, he was served the writ of arrest on March 8, 2021 by the Clerk of the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court. It can be recalled that in late September 2020, the Supreme Court of Liberia ruled against Bedell in a case of two lot of land around the Pleebo central mosque own by the Howe’s family in Maryland County.

The court ruling mandated him to pay the amount of US$5,95.00 (Five Thousand Ninety Five United States Dollars and $157,350.00 (One Hundred Fifty Thousand, Three Hundred & Fifty Liberian Dollars to Judy Howe as bill of cost and  the total expensive he made since 2008 up to the final verdict of the case in 2020.

According to Judy Howe who confirmed from Barclayvill City last evening via mobile phone, said  their late aunt Wledy Howe and the late Alphonso Sunday Bedell, father of Mr. Bedell were loving and that was how he Bedell  got access to the land when he was living with the late Wledy, his step mother and his father during his childhood days, when the Howe family told Wledy to take care of the two lot of land after the death of one of their relatives who name was withheld.

Mr. Howe disclosed that the Howe family requested the Bedell family to turn over their land after the death of the caretaker ( Wledy Howe) former girlfriend of the late Alphonso Sunday Bedell. Howe noted that Wloflo Bedell wrote on behalf of his family on April 2nd, 2002, to turn over the land something he did in a letter written by him, until the civil conflict in 2003 that brought instability.

He narrated that few years after the war in 2007 the Howe’s family who were talking care of the land decided to turn it over to their other relatives when he Bedell went back to them and said the land belongs to him because his late father was loving to Wledy Howe the then caretaker. Due to his failure to turn over the land the court process started in 2008 and ended in 2013 and later went to the supreme Court of Liberia where the ruling went against he ( Anthony Wloflo Bedell) in September 2020, where he was asked to pay the amount of $5,0095.00USD plus $157,350.00LRD to Howe.

He said Mr. Bedell also wrote commitment notice to pay the money but since he wrote he  has not been seen in Harper. It was also alleged that since the ruling the fiscal Affairs superintendent has since abandoned his administration building office where the circuit Court is also located.

Mr. Howe disclosed that before the court proceeding their relative Associate Justice Jamesetta Wolokollie intervened for the matter to be withdrawn from the court and be settled as family issue and  told Bedell to take the shop that was on the land and forget about the land but he refused to settle the case family way. Judy Howe disclosed that Bedell has since left the two lags of land and there is no structure erected on it.

Meanwhile the case lasted for 13 years from 2008-2021, the media also exerted effort to get comment from the local government official but the hasty mood of the court bailiff could not permit him to speak to the media, he was however reminded behind bar at the Harper central prison as his time he is yet to spend behind bar remain unknown.

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