Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe  Prepares To Enbark On U.S. Tour, As Supporters Enthusiastically Intensifies Activities

From Joe Bartuah  – Boston, Massachusetts

Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe,

May 10, 2022:-As Liberia’s foremost opposition presidential aspirant, Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe prepares to embark on a major tour of the United States, supporters of the Gongloe for a Better Liberia movement are enthusiastically intensifying their activities to engage with and rally around their inspirational candidate for a resounding victory in the 2023 presidential election.

In furtherance of their grandiose goal of a total victory for a Better Liberia, Friends of Gongloe Global (FOG-Global), one of the US-based main supporting groups will hold a major fundraising event this Saturday, May 14, 2022 at the VIP Event Hall in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the Executive Director of FOG-Global, Dr. Emmanuel Kamara, the occasion is expected to attract a cream of Counselor Gongloe’s supporters from many parts of the U.S.

Speaking last night in a chat with our reporter, Dr. Kamara disclosed that he’s leading a 15-person high-power delegation from Pennsylvania, comprising chapter leaders to the Atlanta fundraiser, while the Board Chairman of FOG-Global, Mr. George S.S. Wuo and Dr. Sam G. Kpahn, Chief Strategist of the organization are heading a 12-person delegation from the great state of Minnesota to Atlanta.

He said many other supporters are also flying in to the event. “Our Principal is expected to be on time”, Dr. Kamara assured, adding that the presidential aspirant’s presence will further illuminate and elevate the occasion.

Elaborating on the fundraising event in an exclusive interview on May 9th, the chairman of the Georgia chapter of FOG-Global, Mr. Momo Tulay, for his part, confidently assured that all is set for a cross-section of Liberians to have an exciting encounter with the next President of Liberia during the event.

He said the Saturday fundraiser will be preceded by a “meet and greet” event on Friday evening, which will be spearheaded by the United Nimba Citizens Council (UNNICO) chapter in Georgia. Speaking further, Mr. Tulay disclosed that during the Friday gathering, Nimbaians in Georgia will be formally welcoming their son—Counselor Gongloe—to the Atlanta metropolitan area and hold a tete-a-tete with him, even before he goes to the fundraiser, adding, “We’re kind of encouraging that because it will build the momentum for the event itself.”

In terms of invitees, he said his chapter has extended invitations to political as well as ethnic or regional groupings in the state of Georgia. Among them are the United Bassa Association, the Lofa County Association, United Nimba Citizens Council, Liberian churches within the community, as well as some known supporters of other political parties in Liberia residing in Georgia, who, in spite of their prior political affiliations, highly admire Counselor Gongloe and are eager to see him in person.

“We are anticipating a full house”, Mr. Tulay noted, adding that while he’s aware that many people are still sitting on the proverbial fence, with regards to the 2023 presidential election, his chapter in collaboration with the national leadership of FOG-Global, has been exerting every effort to ensure that Counselor Gongloe speaks to a cross-section of Liberians from diverse backgrounds.

Commenting on the Atlanta fundraiser during a recent appearance on the FOCUS ON LIBERIA television news magazine, the Deputy Executive Director of Friends of Gongloe Global, Dr. J. Kpanneh noted that as a grassroots initiative, the Gongloe movement wants ordinary, average Liberians to actually own the campaign. As a result, he said FOG Global and its counterparts in other major cities of the U.S. will be having a series of fundraisers as a means of giving opportunities to ordinary Liberians “to support a candidate who is all about good governance, human rights” and all the best practices in public service that can engender national development.

Dr. Doe maintained that the Gongloe movement is deliberately parting ways with the notorious tradition in Liberian politics, whereby in the past those who had excessively stolen public funds would go about throwing huge chunks of their stolen money here and there as a bait “to buy people out.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Doe is appealing to fellow compatriots who are equally concerned about the negative direction of the country to join the Gongloe movement in order to help effect a positive change. “Let’s not sit on the fence anymore; let’s do something to change the generational trajectory”, he emphasized, adding that Liberian youth were bearing the brunt of the ongoing socio-economic quagmire that is plaguing the country.

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