Tranq is devastating communities in the US

Alarming rise in ‘zombie drug’ deaths in America as White House reveals action plan

Tranq is devastating communities in the US

Sometimes mixed with fentanyl, xylazine – often referred to as Tranq – has spread across the US at an alarming speed and has devastated communities. In May, the first death linked to the drug was announced in the UK.

Danielle, a mother of three. Until a couple of years ago, Danielle worked as a certified recovery specialist to support people in rehab. She shows the wounds on her arms.

New figures show a shocking rise in deaths on US streets linked to a drug which rots the skin of those who use it.

Xylazine, often referred to as Tranq or the zombie drug, has spread across America at such alarming speed that the White House has now released a new six-point action plan to tackle the crisis.

The drug, an animal tranquillizer, is increasingly mixed or “cut” by drug dealers into supplies of fentanyl which itself is already killing over 100,000 Americans every year.

According to the most recent data from 20 US states and the District of Columbia, the monthly percentage of fentanyl-associated deaths where xylazine was detected has increased from 2.9% to 10.9% – a jump of 276%.

Revealing the new figures and announcing the action plan, Dr Raul Gupta, the White House director of national drug control policy, said: “This administration recognises the grave threat that fentanyl combined with xylazine presents to our nation.”

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