Things Fall Apart: Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai and Henry Costa

The Dramatic Exposure Of Ambassador Boakai By Henry Costa In The Reported US$30M Sagas

Things Fall Apart: Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai and Henry Costa

Liberians and other nationalities were yesterday, July 10, 2023 bewildered by a widely attended news conference in which Henry Costa, publicly explained his recent assertion, “Man Can’t Talk All”, this assertion baffled many including journalists who were at the news conference anxiously awaited to hear the true meaning of “Man Can’t Talk All”.

At the start of the new conference, Costa begin to tell the world of how he was betrayed by Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, and the withdrawal of the All Liberian Party (ALP) noting that the has officially severed its political ties with former Vice President Joseph Boakai and the Unity Party, expressing deep disappointment in Boakai’s leadership.

Costa, who is known for his political commentary, expressed his dismay at Boakai’s alleged betrayal of the All Liberian Party. He claimed that despite Boakai informing him about Senator Jeremiah Koung’s alleged corrupt behavior, Boakai still chose Koung as his running mate without consulting the ALP’s executives and members.

Costa further stated that the All Liberian Party’s leadership is on the verge of announcing its support for another presidential candidate in the upcoming October 10, 2023 elections. However, he did not disclose the name of the candidate.

In addition, Costa revealed that he had turned down a substantial sum of $30 million to run for the Liberian presidency in solidarity with Boakai’s campaign. However, Costa’s decision has now changed due to his disappointment in Boakai’s actions.

Responding swiftly to Costa’s accusations, Boakai took to his official Facebook page to express his forgiveness towards Costa, referring to him as his son. Boakai emphasized that his primary mission is to rescue Liberia, despite the political differences and disappointment expressed by Costa and the All Liberian Party.

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