The Political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change, Simeon Freeman

Ahead Of October 10 Polls, Simeon Freeman Outlines The Best For Liberia

The Political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change, Simeon Freeman

The Political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change, businessman Simeon Freeman says the strategy to ending Liberia’s underdevelopment and the unimaginable nightmare is the election of people with technical knowledge and not mere politicians or political parties.

Freeman addressing cross-section media personnel Monday, July 10, stated that Liberians must begin to relook at the manner and form they elect their leaders by taking due note of people with the technical knowledge to help them provide the much-needed leadership to the country.

The MPC standard bearer said the only way Liberia can develop and moved ahead is for Liberian to elect people who are willing to resolve the many complexities of the country and not people who will come to power to create a big mess that continue to burden the country for more than for decades.

He added that the core issues that Liberian politicians need to be discussing is the bread-and-butter issues- by taking a careful look at how they can resolve it and provide solutions to the already marginalized population.

“What kind of Liberia do Liberian want to see, how can we influence outcomes, even talk show host and Journalists have a say when some of the media professionals are saying they can’t support a particular candidate in these Election? You are the consciousness of the society, and the media must provide direction.”

“The Medias must begin to reshape the mindset of the electorates by focusing on the technical capacity of candidates rather than talking politicians without actions.” Simeon Freeman said.

Enterprising businessman turn politician caution the media to take a careful look at the United States of America and other western Countries, by tracking how the Media outlet in most of those countries’ direct voters to a particular candidate or political party by being proactive and not don’t care posture to ensure the media have a very strong voice in the Governance of the State.

Freeman called on the Liberian media to begin taking steps to redeem the Liberian media by utilizing their platforms and airwaves to sources capital support for their various news outlets and stop play baby in the boy politics of Liberia.

Commenting on the Numbers of Embassies that Liberia has around the World where Government spent over USD $20 Million annually which government can used that money to build more homes for the poor people of Liberia, the Movement for Progressive Change political leader said it was time ther government of Liberia begin the reduction of embassies aropund the world anbd focus on a more strategic pathway for untilizing limited resources for the good of the poor people.

Freeman call on the government of Liberia to begin the shutdown of several embassies and diplomatic missions to diplomatic attaché’ to perform duties on behalf of Liberia rather than having staff across the world with less meaningful impact.

Touching on other national issues, the MPC Standard Bearer call for tailoring priorities rather than loss spending which as never benefited Liberia meaningfully.

“How many Politicians know that the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency received 24,000 dollars in the National budget while the National Fire Service $ 1 Million far less than what the Vice President office received for operational funds?”

“To Get Liberia connected with better roads it will take over 30o million dollars and this cannot happen in six years, but it will take some time. so then, as president of Liberia we will be going to reduce the too many Ministries, Agencies and Embassies that are not contributing to the budget or resoliving the problems of Liberia but rather putting more burden on Economy and underminig the growth of the Country.”

“Come January 2024, the MPC will begin to operate a very small government but efficient and effective that will see the need of reform in the government process of the Country and not a freidnship club.” MPC Simeon Freeman said.

Simeon Freeman as part of his initial action, the MPC led government will tackle the health sector by pavitizing many of the major health faiclities that would allow private Healthcare providers takeover those area and run them.

“The people can’t be happy without them having a bitter health care system thereby making citizens having access to affordable health insurance that will make them life a healthy life. Privitazation of our healthcare system is an urgent need that must be taken to stop the early death of our people.

In a related development,  the opposition Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) Standard bearer Simeon Freeman has described Liberia current debt stuck pofilIo under the leadership of the Coalition for Democracy Change (CDC) of President George M. Weah as completely worrisome and scaring.

Mr. Freeman disclosed that Liberia debt stuck from what they have locally and internationally borrowed is little over 2 billion United States Dollars.

According to him, with such a huge debt stuck caused by government borrowing from both local and international financial institutions is completely scaring and worrisome because it weakens the effectiveness of service delivery of the government toward the population.

‘’ Right now, our debt stuck (Liberia) is scaring. Our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 3.4 billion which our total GDP is. This GDP means the value of everything we do here. What Liberia has borrowed local and internationally is little over US$ 2 billion dollars’’ Mr. Freeman stated.

The opposition politician pointed out that Liberia is spending 16-17% of their income just to service debt which means that if the government generates five hundred dollars, 20% of that revenue will be used to pay back debt.

The MPC political leader further indicated that Liberia debt increased hugely because from a national perspective when debt is given, they are given with grace period sometimes ten years.

‘’ This means that all of what are happening now had been deferred and this had tired us that is what we have not have any infrastructure development and poverty liberation for citizens. During the Tubman and Tolbert era, people used to move from Maryland and other counties and come to Monrovia because there was road maintained. But all that not happening because of the debt we are currently in’’ Mr. Freeman noted.

He urged Liberian to be wise and make the right decision during the October 10 Presidential and legislative elections because this election is about who has the capacity and having solution to Liberia problems.

Mr. Freeman argued that how many Presidential candidate wanting to contest these elections are inform that the Public Financial Management Law of Liberia (PFM) provides that the country can’t borrow more than 60% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

He stated that Liberia is already just about that threshold because Liberia has now taken over 2% of billions of dollars while the country GDP is just 3.4 and many presidential candidates don’t know about that therefore, they are not thinking about the solution to such.

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