Young Female Wins Chinese Language Proficiency Competition

A young Liberian female at the weekend emerged grand prize winner of the 23rd “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition in Liberia.

The 23rd “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition in Liberia was held at the main campus of the state-run University of Liberia (UL) on Friday, May 17, 2024 under the theme: “One World, One Family.”

At the awards ceremony, Joannah F. Allen won the grand prize, while Jusu Nennee Dawolo, won the first prize.

There were three third place winners including: A Layee Kelleh, Johnson Clarence Seedorf and Eric Chris Zinnah and three second prize winner, namely; Augustine F. Taylor, Jr., Chillin Dorcas Mason and Mishael M Lyanplawon Jr.

By winning the grand prize and first prize, Joannah F. Allen Jusu Nennee Dawolo will represent Liberia in China for the international Chinese Bridge Competition.

Speaking at the occasion, Chinese Ambassador accredited to Liberia Yin Chengwu called on more Liberian students to seize this unprecedented historic opportunity for development, learn Chinese well, become envoys of friendship between the two countries and push forward China-Liberia friendly relations.

He stated that language is a bridge and bond that unites people across time and space with the Chinese langue being no exception.

According him, in recent years, the enthusiasm for learning Chinese has been growing worldwide, and more and more Liberian friends are joining the endeavor.

“I am convinced that, as devoted learners of this language, you must have discovered the beauty of the Chinese language, appreciated the rich history and cultural heritage contained in each Chinese character, experienced China’s 5,000 years of civilization, and understood the values of peace and harmony that are deeply rooted in the Chinese culture and the blood of the Chinese people.”

“Dear friends, in recent years, President Xi Jinping has proposed the idea of building a community with a shared future for mankind, along with the Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Development Initiative (GDI), the Global Security Initiative (GSI) and the Global Civilization Initiative (GCI). These new visions essentially reflect the traditional Chinese philosophy of pursuing harmony, peace and win-win cooperation. These visions help us foster a new type of security, co-existence and common development, replacing confrontation, alliance and a zero-sum approach with dialogue, partnership and win-win results.”

He explained that the “Chinese Bridge” is a bridge of dialogue and exchange between the people of China and Liberia. China has always been committed to strengthening friendly people-to-people exchanges between China and Liberia.

Recounting China’s contributions to Liberia, he revealed that over the years, the Chinese side has sponsored about 3,000 Liberians for exchanges through scholarships and short-term training programs.

“In 2008, China’s Changsha University of Science & Technology, in cooperation with the University of Liberia, established the Confucius Institute at UL, which has become another signature program of China-Liberia educational cooperation. So far, The Confucius Institute at UL has recommended hundreds of students to local Chinese enterprises. China-Liberia educational cooperation has enabled many Liberians to get more knowledge and skills, and opened a window of opportunity of changing their lives.”

“At present, under the strategic leadership of President Xi Jinping and President Boakai, China-Liberia relations have entered a new stage, and practical cooperation between the two countries in various fields is promising. I sincerely hope that more Liberian students will seize this unprecedented historic opportunity for development, learn Chinese well, become envoys of friendship between the two countries and push forward China-Liberia friendly relations.”

“Today’s world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. Multi-polarity, economic globalization and cultural diversity are gaining momentum. Facing with a world of uncertainty, only by viewing the world as one family, following the principles of mutual respect and seeking common ground while settling differences with others, and promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, can we build a community with a shared future for humanity. And that is exactly what the theme of this year’s Chinese Proficiency Competition – One World, One Family – means. Let us joint hand to create a more secure and brighter future for the world.”

In separate remarks, Mr. Eugene Faghon, Director General of Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) and Dr. Jonathan Taylor, Acting President of the University of Liberia pledged their institutions’ commitments to partnering with the government of Chinese through its embassy here to enhance developments at their entities.

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