Ahead Of Monday Representative and Senatorial By-Elections, Clashes Between Rival Candidates In District 15

According to report, tension was said to have be uprooted early Saturday morning in District D-15, Montserrado County in Logan Town outside the Liberian capital between supporters of two of the representative candidates, Abu Kamara and Tilia Urey when supporters of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change candidate,  Abu Kamara, resisted the rally march of supporters of  rival candidate Tilia Urey.

This situation according to report this situation reportedly resulted to a serious fist fight with scores of rival candidate supporters sustaining body wounds, as some residents who spoke to reporter during the incident blamed  Police of not have control over the situation which resulted into stone throwing with several persons reportedly sustaining bodily wounds.

The Liberia Election law, Prohibits rival rallies in the same location on the same day. It is not clear what will the decision of the national election commission on this incident.

According to other eyewitnesses, the violence reportedly erupted when the rival supporters came within close proximity of one another; throwing jibes at each other.

Many persons scurried for safety as the stone throwing intensified Abu Kamara’s of the Coalition of Democratic Change supporters took to the main Antoinette Tubman road in Logan Town carrying casket emblazoned with the pictures of his rivals including Amos Nyanwleh Tumor, Kelvin Baypr and Talia Urey, marching with the casket , they chanting vulgar slogans to the amazement of by standers.

However, as the situation got serious, the headquarter of the Liberia National Police later on decided to swiftly  dispatched a team of riot control personnel to the area to calm the situation, however, those who spoke to reporter said the police failure to be proactive resulted to the situation

Monserrado district residents are expected to go to the poll on Monday, July 29 , 2019 to elect a representative  to replace their falling lawmaker , Adolph Lawrence who died in a tragic motor accident early this year .

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